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Welcome new visitors!

March 18th, 2009 by Melvin

So recently The Sac Bunt has seen a sizeable increase in first time visitors. Normally we would take this with a grain of salt as the cost of being awesome and move on.  Instead, I would prefer to do the exact opposite and ask if you kind new readers could let us know where you came from?

Not that we need anything more to brag about, but Ray thinks Peter Gammons mentioned us as one of his favorite blogs . Also I really like bragging, so just holla at us in the comments, or send a message through the contact form.



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8 Responses to “Welcome new visitors!”

  1. Jamie says:

    I don’t live in San Diego, but I was born there and I’m a huge Padres fan. I was looking for a better way to keep up with the team, and your blog seemed to have the best analysis and information (out of all the ones I looked at), and also up to date. Plus I added sacrifice bunt to my blog roll (

  2. John says:

    I live in Iowa and have been pleasantly surprised by the number of quality, informative Padre blogs (not the least of which is sacrifice bunts) there are available. In many ways it’s easier to be a fan of the Padres than regional teams just due to sites like this.

    (I found your blog mentioned on another site, stopped by for a visit and now start my baseball day here every morning.

  3. jameson says:

    i really can’t remember how I stumbled upon this site… but I am stoked. I have been a long time reader and fan of gaslamp ball and ducksnorts. Keep up the good posts… I’m loving and counting down the days until opening day!

  4. Lancothis says:

    I’m up here in Oceanside and a lifeling Padres fan. I just recently started turning to blogs to get info and insight that I couldn’t find (or couldn’t find enough of) on regular news sites. SB, GaslampBall, Ducksnorts, and Pauly D’s blog are all fairly recent additions to my bookmarks.

    • Cool, great to hear from you. I think you’ll be impressed by the depth of knowledge, passion, and reasonableness that’s out there in the world of Padres blogs.

      Anyone who hasn’t would also do well for themselves checking out Friar Forecast as well. Fewer jokes, but a lot more graphs.

      Friar Forecast

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