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Oh boy

March 20th, 2009 by Ray

Mark Worrell, the right-handed relief pitcher with an unorthodox delivery who was acquired from St. Louis in exchange for shortstop Khalil Greene, will miss the 2009 season.

Worrell has returned to San Diego where he will have “Tommy John” elbow reconstruction surgery next Wednesday.

Reliever Worrell out for the season, needs reconstructive elbow surgery

I’m not sure what bothers me more: another Padres pitcher going down with T.J. surgery or how poorly the Khalil trade has already played out.

I think it’s the worry that the Kevin Towers we once knew and loved doesn’t exist anymore.

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13 Responses to “Oh boy”

  1. “Kevin Towers we once knew and loved doesn’t exist anymore.”

    An assumption which I have yet to see any explanation for.

    • Ray Lankford says:

      Twenty months of abject failure will do a lot to a person’s optimism.

      He hasn’t made a good trade since Hairston at the 07 deadline (while making a series of unfortunate trades), he guided a Padres team with its highest payroll ever to 99 losses, and has yet to field a complete team for 09 with a little more than two weeks until Opening Day.

  2. Hell, KT even admitted that he “sold low” on Khalil. Plus the situation with the front office vs. Khalil was getting ugly. They probably would have traded him for some extra batting practice baseballs (and gotten much better value at this point).

    “He hasn’t made a good trade since Hairston at the 07 deadline…”

    You’re right, he hasn’t had a good trade in quite a while. I wonder how much is on him and how much is on Mr. Alderson.

  3. I wonder how much is on lots of other things. Here’s the reasoning I’ve seen laid out:

    1. Kevin Towers used to be a good GM
    2. No good trades have been made the last 18 months (though there have been good signings, see Jody Gerut)
    3. Kevin Towers is no longer a good GM

    Ray’s explanation here is that because no good trades have been made recently, and the team does not look likely to win more than 80 games this season, that Towers is no longer qualified as general manager.

    While I don’t think that explanation is outside the realm of possibility, I think there are lots of other factors that could be at play. The ownership situation, Sandy Alderson’s influence, the economy / the market throwing up all over itself this offseason. There are also other factors that could be involved that the public are not privy too.

    I have yet to see any other evidence as to why Towers has lost it, and just because he hasn’t done something doesn’t mean there’s evidence he can’t.

    • R. Lankford says:

      I never said Towers was no good anymore, I said the past year and a half has me worried, and rightfully so.

      What evidence is there KT hasn’t lost it?

    • What evidence is there KT hasn’t lost it?

      The fact that people don’t randomly forget how to do things.

    • Ray Lankford says:

      I’m not sure that’s a fact.

    • You make some valid points. Internal factors are probably playing a role in his “diminishing abilities”. Decisions that once were solely his now have to get approved by Sandy Alderson, Paul Depodesta, et al. Since the arrival of Alderson, KT has seemed to have lost his mojo IMO. Also, John Moores’ divorce/financial situation is probably placing the organization at a serious disadvantage.

      I find it ironic that Sandy Alderson is leaving with the impending arrival of Jeff Moorad. I wonder what that means for KT. Didn’t the Dbacks try to hire KT during Moorad’s tenure?

  4. Ben B. says:

    I look at the Khalil trade a salary dump. Khalil’s making $6.5 million next year. If he were a free agent, would he sign for that much? In this economy and with this free agent market and coming off his season last year, probably not. If that’s the case, Khalil had no surplus value and we were lucky to receive any value in return for him.

  5. Fair enough. But it takes more than a hunch to convince me it isn’t true in this case.

  6. fifthandlaurel says:

    I’m pretty sure the general consensus (for those who are in favor of showing Towers the door) is that, as Ray has pointed out, Towers has pretty much nothing positive to show for the past 18 months on the job. I also don’t believe it’s unfair to judge last year’s failures with the additional knowledge that he was given a significant payroll increase prior to the start of the 2008 season.

    Say what you want about his past success, but I don’t know how we can concretely hypothesize that Towers still operates in the current market with same efficiency he did a few years ago. He’s not in control of how the rest of baseball adapts.

  7. old_padre says:

    I think a big piece of it is that he wasn’t actually very good to begin with…

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