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4-11 Sacrifical Links, Plus Bonus Content

April 11th, 2008 by Melvin

Here’s a fun little breakdown of the Baseball Prospectus’ 2008 PECOTA projections for two outfielders, chosen completely at random.





Scott Hairston

.279 .339 .498

Jim Edmonds

.261 .330 .435

While we do have a couple months to make this decision, Headley’s gonna be ready to roll and he deserves a spot. Hairston hasn’t seen a full opportunity since 2004, and I think he will beat the alternative.

Sacrificial Links

LeBlanc’s Changeup(s) In Fine Form (Baseball America)

Baseball America has an nice little writeup on Wade LeBlanc’s strategy on the mound. Sacramento Rivercats manager Todd Steverson entertains us:

“It was a little tough solving (LeBlanc’s) riddle. He seemed he had three or four different changeups he was throwing up there.”

Apparently, LeBlanc has two changeups but uses variations to change the speed and break. This creates the appearance of having an arsenal of changeups at his disposal. To go with his four seamer, curve, and change, the lefty is also working on a sinker to throw in the mix.

Freddy Guzman clears wavers (

Former Padres 2004 season “savior” Fredford Guzman sent to AA Erie.

Kind of old news I know, there’s no need to rub it in.

Picking The Under – Josh Bard (Baseball Prospectus)

Nate Silver is “moderately skeptical” about Bard, citing his low power numbers as a threat to his OBP. Bard’s 28.6% line drive percentage so far this year should put a stop to that kind of attitude.

Does Trevor Hoffman struggle in non-save situations? (Hardball Times via Geoff Young)

Geoff Young is in your head, dispelling your myths. Nomaam over at the SOSD Padres forum thinks Trevor’s performance in tie games is worth a look, though the sample size issue here is even more extreme. In any case, he doesn’t see a difference in performance, though ERA and WHIP would make better indicators than wins and losses.

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