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October 17th, 2007 by Ray

Adrian Gonzalez

There’s a lot of talk about Khalil or Peavy being the MVP of the team this season, but it’s very easily Adrian. Since it would take too long to list the categories that he led the team in, I’ll just list the categories that he didn’t lead in:

OBP: Giles .361 (Adrian .347)

3B: Cameron 6 (Adrian 3)

BB: Cameron 67 (Adrian 65)

SB: Cameron 18 (Adrian 0)

HBP: Kouzmanoff 10 (Adrian 3)

I got a feeling about next year and that HBP crown.

What really jumps out at me about Adrian is that he was 4th in the league in Win Shares for first basemen, behind only The Albert Pujols, the alien inhabiting Carlos Pena’s body, and Prince Fielder.

Not bad.

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3 Responses to “MVPadre”

  1. Melvin Nieves says:

    For the record, I think it’s Peavy. He was the best of all the ball throwy guys in the league. That’s value.

    Also, there’s the 77 to 38 VORP lead he has over Gonzalez.

  2. Ray Lankford says:

    You and your arbitrary stats can get outta here.

  3. AztecBill says:

    The Padres were 3 games over .500 in games that Peavy didn’t start. ’nuff said.

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