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Padres Jersey Concept

April 24th, 2009 by Melvin

Before the world met the whirlwind of wit and intellect that is now known as The Sacrifice Bunt, one Ray Lankford and I designed a Padres jersey concept.

I like the way these build on previous design traditions, bringing together uniquely Padres elements of sand, brown, and the currently used word marks. The look is also both unique and clean, a tough combination to achieve yet is essential to all classic designs. We might even be willing to go without outlines on the text to further streamline the look, a process the Dodgers used to improve their road jerseys.

Check em:

Padres Concept JerseyPadres Concept Jersey

I’m tired of the blue. It’s boring. Everyone uses it. It isn’t “Padres”. Bring back the brown.

4/29 Update: Sac Bunters William, PadreHomer, and others suggested incorporating orange or mustard into this scheme, and Steve C came though big time incorporating it. Check out their work here and here.

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30 Responses to “Padres Jersey Concept”

  1. ScionFriar says:

    God those are freaking beautiful.

  2. Ditch the blue, these uniforms are SWEET. I’m sick and tired of the Pads looking like the Brewers.
    How do we get Mr. Moorad onboard with this?

  3. william says:

    It needs some orange. Maybe on the trim on the home jerseys. Do it the same shade as the Gwynn jersey on the right hand column.

    Instead of the white trim for the road jerseys, behind the “San Diego” and the number, again, orange.

    I’d be curious as to what that looks like.

    • I hadn’t thought about orange. I need to go in and re-do the mockup in a way that I can easily change the colors. When that happens we can easily try out different ideas.

  4. K says:

    The away unis look suhweet. I agree on the orange.

  5. PadreHomer says:

    Mustard, not orange.

  6. […] The Padres are celebrating their inaugural 1969 season. Replica jersey giveaway. Players rock old school unis for the game. They should wear these more often (or look to the guys at Sacrifice Bunt for other ideas). […]

  7. A Friar does not wear blue…..we should return to something that keeps with the tradition of who we were named after. The Padres also tend to look very “minor league” with their constant infusion of new uniforms. It spells “identity crisis”…who are we?

    Having said that….Love what you’ve done!!!

  8. PF4L says:

    I thought Player got sent down to the AAA Portland, was unceremoniously released, got picked up by the Royals, traded to the Mariners for a bag o’ balls, resigned to a $7.4M one year contract, then blew his arm out and retired quite happy :>)…….I could be wrong though.

    I love these uni’s. Bring back the brown (no orange, only mustard in the trim), solid brown hat/helmet (no mustard front panel)

    • Ray says:

      One of the things we discussed during our brainstorms was whether or not to put the Padres back in the brown and mustard.

      While I’d love to see the players coming out with the yellow wristbands, I don’t see how mustard would work with the sand road uniform, and I feel more connected to them than I do the mustard.

    • PF4L says:

      No no, don’t get me wrong, I like em just as you have em. I mean’t the little mustard trim around the letters and numbers and the side stripe on the pants. I was not a big fan of the full-on mustard uni’s or the mustard/yellow front on the hats

  9. Mike says:

    Those are worse than what we have now

    • mike says:

      The white’s are ok i guess. But the Padres current sand on sand is horrible, adding the brown to that makes it even worse. I’m not a fan of the sand and actually not a fan of the brown and yellow. My favorite uni’s were the ones we went to the WS with.

    • I can understand some people not liking the sand. In my experience, most fans I’ve talked to find the jerseys unique and attractive.

      The blue / orange of the 90s are somewhat unique, though probably 2/3rds of the major leagues use blue. They’re gimmicky to me though.

  10. Steve C says:

    How about these

  11. Steve C says:

    Doh can’t post pictures

  12. JD says:

    These are beautiful and close to perfection. Brown, sand, white – all the friars need (no mustard, no orange). I’d just put the swinging friar to the left sleeve. Get real mock-ups made, sent them to Moorad, Towers, etc, do anything.

  13. Thanks JD. I love the friar too. I don’t think there are any Padre fans who don’t!

  14. LynchMob says:

    Saw the plug at … hope it reignites this conversation … LOVE the brown!

    • Thanks. There was a bit of Padre jersey conversation in the comments section, most notably someone pointing out how weird the height of the D in San Diego looks. I tend to agree, it would look better without the “bowtie” look, but I don’t think it’s bad enough to warrant a change 6 years in.

  15. LynchMob says:

    Ah, and in case you didn’t know you garned a plug, here’s the link …

  16. […] Our saving grace is the sand color. It is unique, and matches well with the blue. Last year the team hardly ever wore the sand away jerseys, hopefully the availability of those in the cool base model means their return this year will be for good. That is, until the next in the grand tradition of Padres uniform overhauls due any day now. Here’s my suggestion. […]

  17. […] Melvin Update: Here is the original, dream scenario jersey design that will never happen because it isn’t something another team has already […]

  18. […] may recall, Melvin and I took a shot at fixing the Padres uniform problems, and we’re hoping that these throwbacks are the first step towards the team re-embracing its […]

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