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Obligatory Hoffman Post

April 3rd, 2008 by Melvin

I did it. Well, I almost did it. I almost fell victim to the small sample size offenders brigade. And usually I find myself in the small sample size reminders battalion. It was a strange turn of events. Eventually I came to the startling conclusion that a sample size of 4 is rarely a good rationale on which to hedge a bet.

It sure is easy to do though.  I mean, I fell into the trap, so what does that say. Take the 2007 MLB saves leader, Jose Valverde for instance. He blew 7 saves to the 47 he nailed down last year, performing magnificently. Now raise your hand if you expect our favorite living legend to compete with a 27 year old in his prime. And Trevor has 6 left.

A reduced role for Hoffy, and a better sample size is what we need fix this situation. Ray and I expect The Hoff’s performance to hover around average to slightly below average on the year. Not great, but definitely not worth asking the man who took less to stay in San Diego to hang em up. Friar Forecast looks at Pitch f/x, and determines his velocity is where it’s been in the past. 35-40 saves sounds about right, and folks, he’s still on track for them.

There’s more good news. The benefit of an aging living legend as a closer compliments the inefficiency of the position perfectly. The team keeps the best relievers–Heath Bell and Claiborne Meredith, for high leverage situations when they’re needed most. This way our boy Trevor enjoys the glory of being a closer role, without getting in the way when an out is most important.

I don’t expect the Trevor of old, but lets be real: a couple times last night he was inches from the third out. That isn’t anything a few more outings can’t fix.

The Exciting Conclusion

In case you missed it, Wade LeBlanc made a late inning run to edge out Kyle Blanks in our fourth best prospect poll. I know I was on the edge of my seat. Though that may be because I was on my way home to cry since I like Blanks.

If you want to buy me a slurpee or vote some hot Blanks action, the poll is still open, and I like blue raspberry. Well, anything but the Coke flavor. Honestly, the Coke machine is right next to the slurpee machine. If I wanted a Coke I’d buy the kind that doesn’t get stuck in my straw.

So don’t forget to vote in the new poll. Vote for Wade LeBlanc there too, just for spite.


The comments section now features snazzy-pants avatars. Technically gravatars, but I’ll forgive you.  Gravatar means “globally recognized avatar”, so you won’t have to set up an account at every damn blog you comment to get the cool picture by your name. Once you have a gravatar account, anytime you use an e-mail address at a participating blog your avatar will show up. That’s it for now.

Your boy,

-Melly Mel

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