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4 Throwback Uniform Crazies

April 14th, 2008 by Melvin

Welp, opening day has come and gone.  Lots of teams are experimenting with the look of yesteryear.  Not just once a year, but as alternates usually worn at home one day a week.

Speaking of throwback days, I think we’re ready as fans to take them up a notch.  There should be beer for a nickel, use of the word “consarnit”, and a traveling freak show in the parking lot that charges two pence a gander.

4. “Classic” Indians look

Indians Jersey

Who doesn’t remember watching Indian teams of old ablazoned in these garbs?  You?  Me?  Well, both, since they’re designed to look old but were never actually donned by the team. I wonder why they didn’t pick something the team actually wore?

3. Phillies bring classic up a notch

It’s official, the Phillies can’t get any classicer.  The Phillies are the epitome of consistency with their look.  They have no need to invent any crazy new schemes. No rainbow gradients, no sweater vests, no glitter. Just history, baby. And they look gorgeous.

2. Royals go powder blue

Royals Powder Blue Jerseys

The Royals originally rocked these beauties from 1973 to 1992.  These are the kind of cult classic jerseys Padres fans are familiar with.  Ugly, but they’re our ugly.  Check out Brian “Jose Mesa” Bannister with the matching blue fisher price glove.  Someone has to explain that one to me.

1. Jays take blue all the way home

This isn’t your mother’s powder blue.  Ok, I take that back.  This IS your mother’s powder blue, since the Jays decided to take powder blue to the max.  The fantastic campy wordmark and number font, plus the sweet pinwheel hat complete the look. Ultra Sacrificial Bonus Points™ for going with pullovers too.

The blue look in baseball dates back as early as 1941, by the Chicago Cubs believe it or not.  The venerable Paul Lucas of the uniwatch blog elaborates on the bluistory for ESPN page 2.

It’s in the air.  I can feel it.  They’re coming. 2009.  In fact, I propose we connect the dots on this one and wear a jersey from a different era every day of the week.

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