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Site Design Update

May 12th, 2008 by Melvin

Hey all you Sac Bunters out there, I made some changins to help the site design read easier and look hipper.  The site is now wider, since most people these days have larger monitors we can take advantage of our consumer whorism a bit more.

Those with smaller screens / resolutions (specifically 800×600 for the nerds out there) will now have to scroll horizontally to read the site.  That serves all 1.6% of you right (I looked it up) for not bolstering the economy with needless purchases.

There’s a new, larger, spiffier header graphic.  The kids tell me the grunge look is “where it’s at” so we went ahead and switched from one web design trend to another.  The font in the content area is also a bit larger to pacify my growing and demanding audience of senior quilting club mothers.

Compliments or complains, especially complaints, can be left in the comments.

Edit: While I have you here, be sure to vote on the poll to the right.  It will expire quickly this time so you don’t get to use 20/20 hindsight and show off how right you are, you liar you.

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4 Responses to “Site Design Update”

  1. wv23 says:

    shawn estes? really? do you need every cub pitcher from 03-05 on the roster?

  2. I know. The Padres record serves us right for doing anything similar to the Cubs.

  3. wv23 says:

    alas, he was good enough. go figure. perhaps the padres would like jason marquis, too?

    (Also note: The Sacrifice Bunt is now the official Padres blog of Wrigleyville23, as we systematically add official blogs opponent by opponent throughout the summer. Don’t screw it up.)

  4. shayne says:

    senior quilting club mothers….I see my mom inspired you to improve your blogg

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