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9 Reasons to Still Be Excited About the Padres

May 13th, 2008 by Melvin

Well, the San Diego Padres are off to a disappointing 15-25 start, and the city of San Diego is hurting.  Attendance is down, message boards are calling for changes, and radio talk show hosts are lambasting the club with poorly reasoned analysis and sensationalist negativity.  Well, we should be used to that last one by now, nothing new there.

Fear not!  Keep your cool.  Don’t call in to radio shows.  Melvin Nieves is here to melt away the disappointment with 9 reasons to still be excited about the San Diego Padres:

  1. The Padres have never worn a vest jersey. Good God, who would believe somehow more teams are switching to these mockeries of style.
  2. Tony Clark: black guy
  3. Led by Matt Antonelli and Chase Headley, the farm system improved from 29th in the majors to 12th according to Baseball Prospectus. The new training facility in the Dominican offers additional promise for the farm system.
  4. Jody Gerut is here to provide the unconquerable, unbeatable weapon that is team speed. Bonus black guy.
  5. Fewer TV viewers mean broadcaster Matt Vasgersian has a longer leash for offending as many people as he sees fit, to our amusement.
  6. Since the team balked at hosting the official Padre blogger meetup day, we’re free to be as angry as we please without risking good standing with the club.
  7. We don’t live in Minnesota.
  8. Paul DePodesta’s blog.  The Sacrifice Bunt finally has something in common with someone smart.
  9. To show those nerds at Baseball Prospectus their 1.6% Padres playoff odds are for sissies.

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4 Responses to “9 Reasons to Still Be Excited About the Padres”

  1. wv23 says:

    10. The arm. The bat. The man. Shawn Estes.

    11. The giddy anticipation that precedes Dr. Andrews’ upcoming report on Mark Prior’s shoulder.

    12. Trevor Hoffman appears to be over the curse of Gwynn.

    13. With another trade or two, you could have a full rotation of former Cubs. Who needs Peavy?

  2. What’s the curse of Gwynn?

  3. wv23 says:

    you didn’t read that espn story about how gwynn jr. just crushed him, emotionally, at the end of last year? it was hard to read.

  4. Ohhhh that Gwynn. Definitely a reason to still be excited. The responsible members of the media (read: not us) saw the beginning of the season as a small sample size issue, along with a minor decline due to age.

    Re: Gwynn vs. Gwynn, you can see my mind is still stuck circa 1995.

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