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A familiar refrain

September 9th, 2009 by Melvin

Giants fans are all a buzz because *gasp!* Bruce Bochy isn’t giving playing time to a top prospect. This time instead of Bochy sending Miguel Ojeda to the outfield, it’s Eli Whiteside playing catcher instead of the best prospect in the game at that position, Buster Posey. Tim Kawakami reports:

So… Posey wasn’t in the original call-ups. Then he was called up. Then Bochy said he might start him. Then Bochy said ideally he’d play Posey in a blowout. Then there’s a blowout, six games into it, and Bochy STILL WON’T PLAY POSEY.

Grant at McCovey Chronicles:

At first, I thought Bochy really was concerned that Posey would come in, allow six passed balls, throw 15 balls into center field, nail his pitcher in the head with a return throw when the pitcher wasn’t looking, and punch an umpire in the throat.

Grant adds some of his own thoughts as to what exactly is going on behind the scenes in the San Francisco front office. Check it out.

We may have our issues with our Bud-bot, but at least he gets this: the Padres will be built through the draft.

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One Response to “A familiar refrain”

  1. We got to see that year after year after year when BOOOOOCHY was the manager here. I am sure glad he is mismanaging top prospects in SF instead of in SD.

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