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May 20th, 2008 by Ray

Fresh off of his simmering interview with XX, Towers unleashed this beaut in the Union-Tribune:

“It’s the way you play the game,” said Towers, visibly angry. “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the intensity and how you carry yourself.

“We’ve got some hungry players down below looking for an opportunity. There’s not one player in the system who is going to turn it around. If we make changes, it will be wholesale.”

He also said, “We’ve been bad, no question about it. There’s been no signs to tell us or our fans we’re going to turn this around. I’m not going to watch this for another four months.

“Morale shouldn’t be good. If it’s good, we have other issues. If morale is good, they have no expectations of being better. Morale should be horrible.”

“It’s a reflection of all of us. It’s got to be tough for all of our fans. This isn’t pointing fingers at all of the players. It’s all of us. I hope we all have the same feeling it hurts.”

Towers seeing red after tough loss: If changes come, they’ll be big ones, angry GM says

The real stinger, however, was provided by Tom Krasovic, who wrote:

The ballpark vibe recalled Mission Valley, 2003, when San Diego crowds oohed and aahed over the exploits of visiting players and the home team gave little cause to cheer.

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