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Padres management: “The team is currently considering moving in the fences.”

September 11th, 2009 by Melvin

Padres considering moving in PETCO fencesHidden in an online survey offered to fans by Padres President and COO Tom Garfinkel resides a big, somewhat official, juicy piece of news.

Question 24 of the survey reads:

The team is currently considering moving in the outfield fences to increase offensive production and home runs, though it will make it more difficult on pitchers.

The verbiage corroborates what we presume were potential PETCO dimension changes I wrote about last offseason.

I say even it out all ready

I like the idea of a pitchers’ park insofar that uniqueness to me is valuable in and of itself. But when there are other considerations at play, as is unfortunately too often the case, they need to be considered.

Most evidence shows that teams who play in neutral parks gain the biggest home field advantage. That’s a serious consideration. Lets even it out already.

Special thanks to Axion over at GLB for posting the survey and introduction.

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5 Responses to “Padres management: “The team is currently considering moving in the fences.””

  1. The dimensions indicated by the surveyors lines laid out on the field would have meant at least 8 more home runs by Giles in 2008 and 7 more home runs by Adrian Gonzalez this season.

    As a former pitcher, I love the pitcher having an advantage, but Petco is an extreme pitchers park. Most people don’t even realize how much that means to a hitters overall batting average (or his psyche).

    Crush a ball to RF in Petco and all you get is an ego bruising long out instead of a jog around the bases.

    Bring the RF fences in!

  2. Lorenzo says:

    Include me in. Somebody thought there would be a jet stream to right field and designed a huge right field that’s as big as center. They must have included the winter storms in the wind data.

    What they missed is the proximity to the ocean and the heavy, humid marine air that holds up fly balls. Only a strong Santa Ana will dry that air out, and then the wind will be blowing in.

    I’ve done my part by writing to the Padres with a “brilliant” suggestion (note the quotes). I suggested taking the ten feet behind the fence they got from moving the fence in last time, and adding the warning track in front of the fence, to create two bullpens end to end in right, like Fenway Park.

    That would make the field more symmetrical, get the visitor’s bullpen off the field of play, eliminate the need for a second speedy outfielder to play right, and allow Adrian to show how good he is for 162 games. With the heavy air, it’ll still be a pitcher’s park.

    There’s one other factor I mentioned in my letter that hasn’t come up here: the hitters’ background. It’s medium-dark blue, and blue isn’t a great contrast. Blue also fades over time. Most other backgrounds are black, except for Fenway green and some sort of brick red in Philly.

    • The only downside I can see to moving the right center fences in is the bleachers back there are already secluded from the field. I figure while we’re spending someone else’s money they should rethink that whole area. It would be nice to see at least 75% of the game from all bleacher seats, just saying.

  3. Lorenzo says:

    Now you’re talking big bucks, Melvin. The lowered sixteen rows of seats in Right would have to be torn down and rebuilt to match the main deck, and extended to the new fence location. I don’t think the Moorad group has that kind of money. Tim Sullivan does, but he doesn’t know the difference between gross sales and net profits. Building bullpens would be downright cheap, and the seats behind them would have the same view they have now.

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