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Dear Jeff Moorad (10/02)

October 2nd, 2009 by Ray

With Kevin Towers’ departure looking all but inevitable, we at The Sacrifice Bunt are registering our support for the decision.

It’s not that we don’t like Kevin Towers, because we do. Any Padre fan should. But as the team should be entering into an age of change, now is the time for the team and the general manager to go their separate ways.

Despite how things have gone at the end of the season, the truth is the Padres are not close. Of the youngsters brought in this year, only Kyle Blanks has shown real star potential (though Everth Cabrera has the talent). This team has decisions still to be made, hard decisions that will shape their path over the next couple of seasons. And Towers, in his almost fifteen year career, has never shown himself to be that type. On a team with a strong core, Towers is your guy, as he is the best general manager in baseball at filling in the holes. But the Padres are beyond filling in holes.

For the team to build itself into a legitimate contender, management needs to take some risks. They might even need to go in a different direction, and the best way to do that is to bring in someone going the same way.

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7 Responses to “Dear Jeff Moorad (10/02)”

  1. RDoigs says:

    Big KT supporter here, but I can understand the change if only to shake things up after so many years.

    I just hope Moorad has a plan in place or things could go south after such an encouraging final 2 months to the season.

  2. I’m taking the easy way out. To me, it all depends on the replacement. But if it’s the right person who gets the job I’ll be in favor of the decision.

  3. william says:

    I agree ray. solid post.

  4. I think its far more likely that Moorad is only doing this to bring in someone he can control, someone that won’t mind when Moorad makes the decisions, instead of letting his people do it.

    We have already seen this pattern of behavior in Arizona. Why would it change now?

    Chances are the replacement is Jerry Dipoto. There is certainly the chance that the people I spoke with yesterday are wrong, but it would fit Moorad’s MO.

    Are you going to be happy with the Padres being run like the Diamondbacks have been since 2007?

  5. Moorad said he had a gentleman’s agreement with the Diamondbacks not to sign any of their FO personnel.

    From what I understand DiPoto’s contract is over at the end of the season and he already interviewed with the Mariners and Nationals earlier, so I don’t think that would go against what Moorad said or could be challenged by the DBacks.

    Moorad could not have interviewed anyone who is currently under contract with another team unless given permission by the teams involved and with sites like this we would have heard about any teams giving permission to interview their FO personnel.

    That means the only people he could interview would be people currently outside of baseball.

    Pat Gillick, Bobby Valentine, that Buck Showalter are names that have been brought up but that make little sense for a control freak like Moorad.

    Gillick at 72 years old would be a short term rental.

    Valentine and Showalter have no experience in the front office and are the type of personalities that would not be willing to give up either the spotlight or the team control to Moorad.

    I seriously doubt that Moorad fired Towers without already having a long term solution at GM in mind.

    I still believe from my conversations from people that work in the Padres organization that Jerry DiPoto is who Moorad wants and will eventually sign.

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