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Happy Hot Stove, everyone!

November 5th, 2009 by Ray

Now that the World Series is finally over, the good part of the season can begin. Some teams have already started, like the Angels, who just signed Bobby Abreu to a new two-year contract, and the Pirates, who traded for Akirnori Iwamura. And while the Padres have already cut ties with Edgar Gonzalez, new general manager Jed Hoyer has yet to show us what he can do.

So, Jed, before you start shopping, would you mind taking a look at my wish list? Thanks.

  • Rocco Baldelli
  • Kelvim Escobar
  • Eric Hinske
  • Dan Uggla
  • Juan Uribe
  • Jason Varitek

I’ll start with the outfielders, Baldelli and Hinske. Both are capable players, Baldelli so much so he could platoon with Will Venable in right. Hinske can  be the strong left-handed bat to come off the bench. Uribe joins them as the backup infielder who can actually play on the left-side of the infield.

Escobar is a great low-risk project for this team. He’s a good pitcher and he’ll be coming off an injury, which means that he’ll come cheap. If he works out, he could be a solid veteran arm for the front of the rotation. And if he doesn’t, the team can part ways with him without losing too much, as the team has depth at young starting pitching.

Then there’s Dan Uggla. I’ll admit that this is a bit of dreaming on my parts, but Hoyer’s pretty dreamy, so excuse me for soing so. I know that Florida is looking to move Uggla, but I don’t know what they’d want in return, I hope they would want Heath Bell. Uggla would fill many holes for us. He’d knock David Eckstein out of the lineup, and he’d be the real-live slugger to hit behind Adrian Gonzalez. This takes the heat off of the youngsters, especially Kyle Blanks. He’d likely become the highest paid Padre, unless Adrian signs an extension, but it wouldn’t be obscene. Plus it would make the reader’s comments section of Union-Tribune articles just a little bit easier to read.

Finally, I threw in Jason Varitek as a welcoming gift for Jed. He’s the Captain, or a captain, he’d be Hundley’s shoulder to lean on, and he’d be someone for Hoyer to hang out with if the other guys are mean to him.

Happy shopping, Jed.

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5 Responses to “Happy Hot Stove, everyone!”

  1. I have been trying to champion Dan Uggla as a solution for the middle of the Padres order since the beginning of last offseason. Hopefully they will listen to you a little more. He will probably be in line for a raise to $8-10 million in arbitration, but a 2B that hits 30 home runs per season is a rarity. As you pointed out he would be a legitimate RH “Big Bat” to take pressure off Adrian.

    At 34, Escobar’s best days are probably behind him and he would no longer be a to of the rotation type.

    If you are looking at injured pitchers, why not Ben Sheets? When healthy he is an ace quality pitcher.

    Uribe would probably be a good fit if he is affordable. By affordable I mean in the $1 million or less category.

    Omar Vizquel would also be a good fit and would fit the affordable salary category.

    The question becomes, if you trade for Uggla wouldn’t Eckstein become your utility player since he is already signed for 2010?

    As for the rest, why? Are they better than the young players already on the team?

    Baldelli couldn’t get a hit off a RHP if they lobbed it underhanded and his .253 BA would be about .220 in Petco.

    Hinske is a mediocre player and would undoubtedly cost much more than a replacement level player.

    Varitek is ancient for a catcher and probably wouldn’t hit even the .209/.313 he did in 2009 playing in Petco. Add to that the fact that he will probably demand millions more than the Padres will be able to pay for a backup catcher.

  2. AirmanSD says:

    My personal offseason wish list:

    1. RH hitting CF, with another marlin in mind, Cody Ross. I dont see Uggla’s BA even with the power a good thing for PETCO, I would rather more OBP. And Ross, at least provides that, plus would give Gywnn a platoon partner for CF. (BJ Upton would be best, but realistically not likely)
    2. If we are going to go after a rehab type pitcher, go for one with better stuff. A Bedard/Harden/Sheets type if they can be had on the cheap (not likely) or if the Yanks non-tender him my personal favorite Chien-Ming Wang (he would be a great addition, plus he has another year of arb so he ahead of him, so he can be had for 2 not just one seasons)
    3. Resign Blanco, unless he wants a ton of money (1.2M max)
    4. Talk to the Rays about one of their many MI prospects, and see what could be worked out, personally I like the idea of Reid Brignac. And keep Salazar as backup 1b/3b.
    5. Decide between Headley/Kouz at third. If its Headley move Kouz, if Kouz place Headley in AAA at 3B.

    I would also like them to start Latos/Peorda/Gallagher in the minors so that they can limit their innings, and also to have the more on their control/secondary pitches.
    Allow for the 2nd base to be claimed internally. Cause frankly there isnt anyone worth the price (money or prospects) out there available.

    • I actually have a trade idea post halfway written from early 2008 suggesting the team trade Greene for Brignac. I’ve never been big on mock trade proposals considering how hard it is to read the market as an outsider. But boy, how things change.

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