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Trading Adrian

November 9th, 2009 by Ray

Sacrifical LinksAs you just read right here, Kevin Towers’ attempts to trade Adrian Gonzalez may have clashed with new boss Jeff Moorad’s wishes, and now Towers is gone. But if you’ve also been reading the more mainstream sports media, you’ve gotten the impression that Adrian is still definitely going to Boston. Or not. It’s confusing, but that’s why we’re here: for you!

Gonzalez might put Padres in a bind (San Diego Union-Tribune)

Bill Center surmises that Adrian is both the new face of the franchise and a player whose combination of ability and personality will lead him to a big payday. Which means that the team will likely trade him, and soon, making him the new Peavy. He knows this, in part, because Adrian is not featured anywhere on a brochure sent to season ticket holders, because brand new general manager Jed Hoyer has yet to contact Adrian’s agent, and because Moorad has said that he doesn’t want to move the fences back.

But that’s San Diego’s take. What does Boston think?

Why the Sox should be going, going . . . going after Gonzalez (Boston Globe)

Boston thinks that Adrian wants to be where the action is: Boston. Doug Mirabelli gets it. Because the Yankees just won the World Series, thanks in part to one-time-almost-Red Sox Mark Teixeira, Boston doesn’t have the luxury of losing in the Division Series anymore, and Adrian would give them the big bat to wear out the Green Monster they need. Support for Boston’s argument includes the Adrian-less brochure, again, and the good time he had while playing in Portland in the minors.

But that’s Boston’s take. What does the national media think?

Padres only open to dealing stars for right price (Ken Rosenthal)

That the Padres are only open to dealing Adrian Gonzalez for the right place. Rosenthal points out that Adrian will still be extremely affordable over the next two years, and not simply relatively. He also points out that, since Boston made a big trade with Cleveland for Victor Martinez, the well may be too dry to pull anything off.

But that’s Ken Rosenthal’s take. What’s a fourth opinion I should listen to?

Why Adrian Gonzalez May Remain Off Limits to Sox (WEEI)

Because Jed Hoyer knows Theo Epstein’s tricks, and vice versa. To support this, the author points out that Epstein has worked out nothing but extremely minor deals with his other former protege, Diamondbacks general manager Josh Byrnes. He also points out, as did Rosenthal, that the Padres can afford Adrian if they believe winning is possible in the next two seasons, and that an extension that eats up his option could appeal to Adrian as it appealed to David Ortiz in 2007.

But these are only a handful of the voices out there, voicing their opinions on trading Adrian Gonzalez. As the offseason goes on, and more, hopefully differing, opinions are given, The Sac Bunt will be here to fill you in.

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7 Responses to “Trading Adrian”

  1. ThePadFather says:

    I don’t think trading Adrian makes any sense at this point. If you must trade him, wait until the trading deadline and see where the team is.

    I DO think trading Kouzmanoff and Bell makes sense.

    Headley can fill in for Kouzmanoff.

    Adams or Poreda or Mujica can fill Bell’s role. They may not lead the NL in saves, but they would give us enough to justify trading Bell.

    Those two could probably bring back 3 or 4 prospects while Gonzalez would probably bring back 4-5 prospects.

    Keep Adrian, trade those two.

    • The thing is, I’m not convinced the team can compete this year. Which is weird because I did think they could compete in 2008.

      We’ll learn a lot when this year’s PECOTA comes out, but if he has more value as a 2 year player than 1 and 1/3, I would forget 2010 and pull the trigger.

      Definitely agree about Kouz and Bell.

    • Ray Lankford says:

      The best argument I’ve heard for not trading Adrian, not yet, is that the team should wait and see what Blanks can do. If he sprints out of the gate, then we can feel more confident that he’ll be a middle of order hitter to replace Adrian. If he stumbles, maybe Jed considers getting a power-hitting prospect in return.

    • How often do deals like this happen about 3 months into the season? If teams would rather wait until the deadline, I would want to be sure that the difference in his value now compared to at the deadline would be worth the extra info on Blanks.

    • Ray Lankford says:

      The monster Teixeira trade was midseason.

  2. Biz says:

    i think the padres should hold onto adrian unless they get an offer they cannot refuse. He is a great player, seems like a class act and a guy the organization should build around. The padres have quite a few young hitters and hopefully they can learn a lot from playing with Adrian. Even if they can’t resign him and have to deal him down the line i think keeping him around a bit longer would benifit the organization.

    • The problem is, the few young hitters the Padres do have probably aren’t going to win any division championships.

      And unfortunately, Gonzalez becomes a free agent in two seasons. There isn’t much time left, especially if the Padres want the best return possible.

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