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Dear Steve Henson

December 19th, 2009 by Ray

Sacrificial Links

Padres to wear retro unis for home Thursday games (USA Today)

At this week’s Season Ticket Holder event, Tom Garfinkle announced to the crowd that every home Thursday will now be Throwback Thursday. For those six day games this season, the team will be wearing the 1978 throwback jerseys (as can be seen here), to which we say “Fantastic.”

You may recall, Melvin and I took a shot at fixing the Padres uniform problems, and we’re hoping that these throwbacks are the first step towards the team re-embracing its true identity. We’re holding our breath, Garf.

Padres name new scouting director (

Hoyer’s front office continues to take shape, as Jaron Madison becomes the team’s new director of scouting. He joins Jason McLeod, the new assistant GM, and Chris Gwynn, the new director of player personal, in the front office and like those two, he’s no stranger to San Diego, having served as a scout for the Padres in 2002. More importantly, Madison is a product of Long Beach State, and that is a clear sign of greatness.

Bradley is a reckless risk for Seattle (Yahoo! Sports)

In case you haven’t heard, Milton Bradley was tragically traded to our natural rivals, the Seattle Mariners, and not to us. For the low price of Carlos Silva and his ridiculous contract, the Mariners were able to acquire the best left-fielder we’ve seen in ten years, an assessment Steve Henson might disagree with.

Henson is no fan of Seattle’s recent acquisition, saying that the Mariners will come to rue the day they traded for Bradley, just as the Dodgers did, and the A’s did, and the San Diego Padres did. Certainly I don’t assume to speak for us all, but do you regret the day we acquired Bradley? If so, do you also regret the 11 home runs he hit in 42 games as a Padre? Do you regret his .414 OBP? His .590 SLG? His 168 OPS+ in Petco? Do you regret him stepping on Mike Cameron’s hand and knocking him out for the year? Well, you should regret that last one, but that was an accident.

When Henson speaks of Padres regret, he means Bradley’s blow up following what then-first base coach Bobby Meacham referred to as “the most disconcerting conversation I have ever heard from an umpire to a player.” If you agree with Henson, aren’t you getting mad at Milton Bradley for taking Milton Bradley out of the lineup, and doesn’t that suggest that you do want Milton Bradley in the lineup, and that you don’t really regret having him here? Or am I wrong? Let us know in the comments section.

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5 Responses to “Dear Steve Henson”

  1. 1st let me say that I do not understand your man crush on Bradley. Its not healthy, just like he has never been.

    I am not the only person who thinks the Mariners made a mistake in taking on Bradley. Keith Law, Olney and many others have joined Henson in questioning the Mariners sensibility on this one.

    As for the Padres, Bradley came to the team on June 29th after being designated for assignment by the A’s, but only played 42 games. That means he was hurt more than he played.

    So the Padres regret is that they traded an effective reliever (Brown made 64 appearances in 2007 and 2008 for the A’s with a 3.87 ERA) for a guy that played in just 42 games in 2007 and threw a temper tantrum and had to be restrained. He couldn’t even take responsibility for his own emotions and instead had to act like a child.

    Regardless of the excuses people try to make for his lack of self control, the plain and simple fact is that no matter what someone says to you, you have a responsibility to control your emotions and do your job. Bradley is incapable of doing that. That is something he has proven over and over again.

    Face it, Bradley is a loser. A malcontent and a cancer in the clubhouse, that causes issues wherever he goes. No team he has ever played for before would take him back. Not even the Rangers, for whom he excelled with the bat.

    That has to tell you something about the man and the player.

    NO ONE wants him in their lineup or in their clubhouse.

    • Ray Lankford says:

      It would seem that Seattle does.

    • Bradley was worth 2 wins for the Padres during a playoff run in 2007. Brown has been worth .9 wins during his entire career.

      You can call Bradley as many names as you want, but he is a great hitter and probably not as bad of a person as you or the media make him out to be. Especially considering all the praise you hear from people who actually know him.

  2. Tom Waits says:

    Completely agree with Ray and Melvin. Anybody who regrets losing Andrew Brown to fuel a playoff drive cares about the wrong things.

    Silva was wasted money. Jenga’s a much better bet to produce. He doesn’t fit an NL team, but a DH who can occasionally take the field, even CF if you’re desperate, and still hit like Bradley does is very valuable.

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