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Maddux’ winless streak illustrates a bigger issue

July 8th, 2008 by Melvin

greg Maddux“Experts”* put too much stock in that stupid win statistic.

Padre pitcher Greg Maddux has allowed 2 or fewer earned runs in 8 of his previous 10 starts, without earning a W.

Maddux’s streak of pitching well without earning a “win” to show for it isn’t illustrative of “bad luck” without support from the offense.  The streak is a perfect, right in your face example of why the “win” is a garbage.  It does not adequately measure a pitcher’s ability.  A starting pitcher is, at best, responsible for 50%** of earning a win.

The stat enjoys entirely too much credence with the mainstream media, who continues to recite the same meaningless rhetoric about the win.  The Padres (or whatever team) need to “step it up” on offense to support their pitcher.

Whatever that means.  Somehow it is the offense’s responsibility to earn the pitcher credit for a good performance?  Come on, experts.  Does that make any sense at all?  This is the best you can do?

Just stop with the wins. They force you to make crazy ass-backwards assertions to avoid admitting a mistake.

* I don’t mean to pick on Krasovic here.  I enjoy him more than other columnists / pundits.

** Sorry, I made this number up.  The real answer could easily be 60% or 40%.  The point still stands.

Creative Commons License photo credit: SD Dirk

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3 Responses to “Maddux’ winless streak illustrates a bigger issue”

  1. Ray Lankford says:

    It’s not the media, though. Listen to the players; they say the exact same thing.

  2. We need to re-evaluate why we think the things we do.

  3. JBinATL says:

    Man I miss having ol’ Mad Dog in a Braves uniform. It will be cool that the three Aces will be hanging out in SD this weekend.

    On our side, Huddy’s experiencing a lot of the same “bad luck” for “W’s”. That’s why I like the QS stat to really give a good indicator of how well as pitcher is doing.

    By the way, excellent looking blog you’ve got here. I enjoy the title, design, and interface quite a bit. I’ll be stopping by and thanks for the comment over at the Launching Pad!!

    JB@The Launching Pad

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