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Your 2010 Padres: When baseball gets too fun

January 10th, 2010 by Melvin

San Diego based design agency iHook Creative recently announced and published a possible Padres marketing materials for the 2010 season. The team will feature the slogan “SD Stands for San Diego,” “We Take the Words ‘Play Ball’ Seriously,” among others. Big thanks go out to sdpads1 for breaking the news.

Melvin Update: As sdpads1 is kind enough to point out, it’s not 100% clear this will be chosen as the campaign. It seems strange to publish this in a portfolio if not, but we haven’t had confirmation from the club either way.

Melvin Update 2: Thanks again to sdpads1, iHook responded and this is not the 2010 campaign. Again, I know these creatives are tough work, and the jokes here are just good natured fun. The design itself is appealing, and thanks for responding.

These goofball sayings are often easy to make fun of, through no fault of the agency responsible. I’m proud to say that hasn’t stopped me from making jokes before and likely won’t stop me now either.

In case anyone had forgotten what it means to play baseball seriously during the previous non-ballplaying-seriously years, here’s your answer:

That the Padres are a team of low payroll players looking to make and impact and sustain a career in the Major Leagues. This means they’re running the base path, stealing bases, diving for fly balls or better put… PLAYING BASEBALL.

The iHook portfolio goes on to mention the “SD” logo as the official “primary logo,” to go along with its declaration of being the “official brand” if that makes any difference whatsoever. I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned this yet, but of all the ideas that don’t involve bringing back the brown, this is one of the best. The “SD” logo is clean, simple, traditional (sort of), and iconic. The plate logo isn’t terrible, but kind of sucks. Good work.

Also, keep the sand jerseys. Just want to throw this in here.

New circular logo, usage unknown

The other big news is a new logo that compliments the “SD” design. There are two marks–actually–both circular in shape. One features a sand colored ring, the other with a white ring on the outside. The text “Padres Baseball – A San Diego Tradition” surrounds the “SD” and is set on top of that ring. No mention on what the use case for these logos will be, but again I like the focus on clean design.

Petco’s giant billboards on the outside of the seating bowl will apparently display the marketing campaign, along with advertising signs around the city. Without any franchise players the team can market long term, this approach makes a lot more sense than the current exaltation of little kids.

Speaking of franchise players, or lack thereof, if you didn’t check out the giant photo at the top of the brand portfolio page, do it now. Lolwut?

Bonus link: Sdpads1 rivals Myron Logan for most Padres blogs started

His new one is called RJ’s Fro. Go check it out.

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11 Responses to “Your 2010 Padres: When baseball gets too fun”

  1. Ray Lankford says:

    I love it. It’s as if Garfinkel thinks everyone in this city just moved here as well.

    I do love that sand-and-blue SD logo, though.

  2. SDPads1 says:

    Now keep in mind this technically isn’t 100% the marketing campaign chosen. It says….

    “In order to achieve this the Padres asked a select few of San Diego’s finest branding and design agencies to come down and pitch ideas to them.”

    And then it doesn’t say if theirs was picked or not.

    And I agree…..KEEP THE SAND JERSEYS!!!

    HAHA I think I passed Myron up with this new one finally. Thanks for the link!

  3. Myron Logan says:

    I think he’s passed me, 3-2.

    Overall blogs started, though, I may still have the lead.

    And, yeah, I sure hope that is not the marketing campaign that gets picked. It’s pretty bad.

    • Melvin says:

      Where are your other blogs? The public demands them!

    • SDPads1 says:

      Let’s see I know of Friar Forecast, Another Padres Blog & then I believe there was a Sabermetrics one thrown in there too….what else was there Myron?

    • Melvin says:

      Sabermetric Studies?

    • Myron Logan says:

      The only other one currently active (barely) is on Cincinnati Bearcats basketball, and it isn’t worth reading.

      Yeah, Sabermetric Studies was one that lasted a few months. Decent idea, maybe, just didn’t pick up any traction. I had one I creatively called, that featured my ramblings mostly on other sports (primarily football). Lated a little over a year, I think.

      There were a few others that really didn’t even get off the ground. I’m not really too impulsive in real life, but for some reason I am with my internet decision making : )

  4. SDPads1 says:

    It’s official….this campaign did not get picked.

    Hello All,

    Came across the blog and thought I would chime in on behalf of iHook. First off in regards to Peavy… We do follow the team and the image is on our site as a representation for work we provided and was not used in any of the creative or pitch campaign.

    You are right in the fact that coming up with original ideas and catch phrases that haven’t been used is difficult however if you read the overview you will understand where the “SD” come from San Diego came from and meant. Our goal with everything was to reconnect the fans to the team. The new official mark of the Padres is the “SD” emblem and our brief from the Padres was to build a campaign around their new primary mark.

    Color changes were off limits so we built a campaign around the idea of reconnecting the fans to the team through dynamic creative and the emotional tie of the city and its team.

    Either way, a different agency was used so we will have to see how the creative looks and what they came up with for the 2010 Padres season.



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