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It begins

July 17th, 2008 by Ray

Tonight, with Chase Headley representing the tying run on second, Bud Black elected to pinch hit for Khalil Greene. Instead of sending Khalil up to swing at balls out of the strike zone, Black sent Brian Myrow up. Myrow proceeded to swing at balls out of the zone and strike out.

While Headley never crossed the plate, that’s hardly the story here.

Khalil Greene, one-time golden boy of this franchise, has fallen so low that he’s pulled from a game changing situation for a career minor leaguer.

Not to say ‘I told you so’ but…

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3 Responses to “It begins”

  1. wrveres says:

    i wish we had a career minor leaguer that could replace his sorry butt.

  2. I’m not sure I’m ready to give up on Khalil at this point. Considering his ability to hit in the past, the fact that we won’t get anything for him now, and it’s not like the Padres are contenders this year.

    Lets give him a chance to rebuild his value before a trade.

  3. Ray Lankford says:

    I wouldn’t say I’m ready to give up on Khalil, but I am ready to bring in another shortstop for the first time in Khalil’s stay.

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