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Matt Antonelli moving up, at least in one sense

February 24th, 2010 by Melvin

Photo by Dirk Hansen

Padre blogger and prospect Matt Antonelli has earned himself a promotion, at least in the blogging world for now. He’ll now be answering questions at Shawn Anderson’s The Hall of Very Good. I wish I had thought of asking Matt before Shawn did.

Antonelli’s interaction with fans and online media has developed into a special relationship. In less than a year, he’s set himself apart from the other names in the organization depth chart and become a player I feel connected to, and root for.

It’s not just simply having accounts on Twitter, Facebook , or writing a blog. It’s about firing that publicist, pulling back the curtain, posting funny videos or photos, and sharing actual stories about who you really are. Don’t hide behind a few cliches in an article from a beat reporter, they’ll only tell their story, not yours. Put your real self out there. Be genuine.

I hope more young players learn from Matt’s example. I doubt it would earn him a call-up on its own, but if David Eckstein still has a starting job then personality has got to count for something.

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9 Responses to “Matt Antonelli moving up, at least in one sense”

  1. HOVG says:

    Thanks for the love, man. Matt’s a good guy and will add some bench strength to The Hall of Very Good.

  2. Ray says:

    It’s funny that you should say this because I’ve developed a growing feeling that I’d like to know less about popular athletes.

    With the advent of twitter and blogs and 24-hour sports coverage, I feel like I know too much about these people and it’s not always flattering.

  3. The Pad Father says:

    Now if Antonelli can only hit .340 in the clutch like Eckstein he should get a job with the PAds.

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