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Prospect U+Me

February 26th, 2010 by Ray

Now that all the experts have told us what they think of our farm system, I’ve gone ahead and created a cheat sheet that you can wow your uncles with. I went through Baseball America, Baseball Prospectus, Fangraphs, and Minor League Ball, took their lists, plugged in the holes with frog DNA, and came up with this:

01. Donavan Tate, OF
02. Simon Castro, RHP
03. James Darnell, 3B
04. Jaff Decker, OF
05. Wynn Pelzer, RHP
06. Logan Forsythe, 3B
07. Cory Luebke, LHP
08. Edinson Rincon, 3B
09. Aaron Poreda, LHP
10. Lance Zawadzki, SS

Your 2010 San Diego Padres Top 10 Prospects! Unfortunately, as there is none of my own opinion in this, I can’t give you any sort of meaningful analysis. But then that goes against the point of lists anyway.

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