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Say what?

July 21st, 2008 by Ray

Astros in serious talks about Padres lefty Wolf

I don’t know what to say. Houston is 12 games out of their division and 10 out of the Wild Card. But when the Brewers get CC Sabathia and the Cubs get Rich Harden, you can’t just sit on your hands.

You have to go get Randy Wolf and his 82 ERA+.

Melvin Update: The Astros don’t have a strong farm system. I doubt Houston GM Ed Wade would part with JR Towles or Michael Bourn, even for someone with the God-like qualities of Randy Wolf. Bud Norris or Samuel Gervacio seem like the type of arms that might be available. They both have out pitches, a curveball and a changeup respectively, plus decent strikeout rates.

Though in reality, when top prospects aren’t available it’s nearly impossible to predict what mid-level prospect could come our way. I would be stoked to nail any mid prospect for a player we don’t need.

R. update: The Astros sent over Chad Reineke. Which makes sense.

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6 Responses to “Say what?”

  1. wrveres says:

    Yeah i was reading this today, that and they want more bullpen help.
    Its the most amazing thing, and i am sure they are getting taken to task by the Astro’s faithful for their “vision”.

    Houston has soured on Bourn already, i wonder if he would be available. He would make a great pinch runner.

  2. I might be willing to chance it on Bourn. PECOTA doesn’t love him, projecting .259/.337/.363 at the beginning of the year. His defense would shine, but is that enough over Gerut and Hairston to make it worthwhile?

  3. wrveres says:

    Bourn is not the type of guy that Alderson would look at. He doesn’t walk enough. Thats why i was joking, and said he would make a good pinch runner. Humor is sometimes hard on the net.

  4. Right on. I did get the pinch runner joke.

  5. I wasn’t right, but I was still kind of right.

  6. […] we detailed earlier, getting Reineke and Scribner are classic Kevin Towers moves. They’re both under appreciated arms that will […]

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