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Things Steve Quis said on air yesterday

July 25th, 2008 by Melvin

San Diego @ Pittsburgh, 7/24/2008, Channel 4 Padres broadcast.

The Good

He brought up OPS.  He called its O-P-S.  Do people do that?  In my head it’s always been “Awps”.  Either way, Ops isn’t perfect but it’s a step in the right direction for Channel 4. And it wasn’t the first time Quis used the decent compared to most metrics they use on TV.  Cheers to him.

The Funny

Grant: See those seven X’s?  That’s the size shirt I wear. XXXXXXL.*

Quis: And the kind of movies you buy.**

This was followed by a long, awkward pause, presumably Quis getting yelled at for saying something so outrageously inappropriate on air.

The Quis

He’s kinda spazzy, and not as flashy as Vasgersian, but he comes across like he actually does research.  I like Steve, though I think I’m the only one.

* Paraphrased

** Definitely not paraphrased, but hiliariousiphrased.

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4 Responses to “Things Steve Quis said on air yesterday”

  1. wrveres says:

    i have always pronounced it O-P-S

  2. Good to know. It’s funny how the internet works, when we (I) don’t even know how to pronounce some of these names.

  3. Ray Lankford says:

    I’ve been on the Quis bandwagon for a while. Ironically, but I’m still on it.

  4. Gerald McNugget says:

    When are you guys gonna recognize Steve Quis is the biggest jerk in California? [rest of comment has been moderated]

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