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Incidentally gang, beer fest is terrible.

April 30th, 2010 by Melvin

TerriblefestNormaly this type of ‘as it’s happening’ rant is reserved for Twitter, but my anger can’t be held at the moment by a teeny tiny keyboard.

After waiting in line and paying $14 as it was the cheapest ticket available, I came to learn beer fest mainly consists of the opportunity to wait 30 minutes to pay $6 for 14 oz of beer. Note, this only applies if one is lucky enough to ween one’s way to the front of the line without the keg tapping out.

Now Woe Doctor (is his name woe doctor?) and I are waiting onother 15 minutes to get in the HOF bar and grill. People are abandoning ship for Toronado.

Garfinkel just half-apologized to the crowd, to audible boos. I guess something like “we’ll do it better next year” counts as an apology.

Update: Added photo

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11 Responses to “Incidentally gang, beer fest is terrible.”

  1. […] Incidentally gang, beer fest is terrible (Sacrifice Bunt). Hard to tell from the title, but I don’t think Melvin liked Friday night’s promotion. […]

  2. SDPads1 says:

    AMEN!!!! I was super hyped for this and it let me down…big time.

  3. Ray says:

    I’m shocked.


  4. I thought this would be my next post as well but the minute Garfinkel got on stage to apologize and then mingled with the riffraff, all was absolved…..pending improvement on next year’s version of Beerfest, of course.

    Good to meet you, Mel.

  5. Randy Ready says:

    I must have just missed Garfinkel’s apology. Right before we headed out for the neverending line at the HOF bar, he hustled past us. He didn’t look happy, but I simply assumed it was because we yelled, “welcome to Breakfast Town, USA!” as he went by.

    Also, I think I should go by Woe Doctor. It sounds like a comic villain.

  6. PQ says:

    I showed up right at game time and they were putting the kegs away. I’d thought the whole game would be a (free) beer-drinking fest and I was envisioning an evening rowdiness along the lines of the famous ten cent beer night from the 70s.

    From your post and the picture included, I’m glad I missed out.

    Fun game though.

  7. jason says:

    We need to write the front office and demand a formal apology and a Beerfest pt. II THIS season, not next season. I can’t believe how terribly they handled and planned this event, especially considering the excellent job they did marketing it.

  8. steve619 says:

    Looks like you’re demands were heard:

  9. […] ripping a pretty harsh one into the Padres previous foray of craft beer festival events (Terriblefest), I feel I owe it to fans and the team to report my findings from the other fest of the season: […]

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