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To be the best

June 4th, 2010 by Ray

After tonight’s game, the Padres will be a third of the way through the season and they could potentially have the best record in the NL, so it’s only fitting that tonight’s game wil be against the two-time defending NL champion Philadelphia Phillies, with superace Roy Halladay on the mound. But how have the Padres done against the other good teams in the league? Good question, Ray! Let’s take a look:


This list is made up of all the teams at or above .500 at the end of play on June 2nd.

W L %
Atlanta 1 2 .333
Cincinnati 2 1 .667
Colorado 2 4 .333
Florida 2 1 .667
Los Angeles 1 4 .200
New York 2 1 .667
St. Louis 2 1 .667
San Francisco 7 1 .875
Total 19 15 .559
Pythagorean 19 15 .569

The team’s .559 winning percentage isn’t too far off of their .604 overall mark, which means that they’re doing the fair thing and treating all team’s equally. Less sarcastically, it means that the team isn’t just beating up on the bad teams, but that they are more than stepping up when necessary. In fact, the Padres have played more than twice as many games against the better teams in the league, making their run even more impressive.


To assess the team’s hitting, I looked at how they matched up against the top teams in the league by OPS.

Atlanta .836
Cincinnati .782
Colorado .602
Florida .584
Los Angeles .641
New York .924
St. Louis .551
San Francisco .655
.500+ .681
Overall .692

As should have been predicted, the team has not hit very well against the better team in the league, but then the team doesn’t hit well against any teams. There are exceptions but none are memorable. Overall, against teams over .500, the Padres have hit below their season average but not by too much, so that can be the silver lining. But really, this should not be a surprise.


To assess the team’s pitching, I looked at how they matched up against the top teams in the league by ERA.

Atlanta 4.33
Cincinnati 3.12
Colorado 4.20
Florida 5.19
Los Angeles 3.68
New York 3.41
St. Louis 2.61
San Francisco 2.79
.500+ 3.36
Overall 3.01

In a funny way, these numbers are almost disappointing. There’s nothing wrong with them, as they’re still pretty good. A team ERA of 3.36 would still be good for third in the NL and fourth in the entire league, it’s just 35 points higher than the overall mark and this team’s kind of spoiled me. Though it’s encouraging to see the team do well against the teams that have seen them the most (save for Colorado and Coors Field).

With two-thirds of the season left, this really means nothing and it’s very possible that the ground will start coming up on the Padres. But as far as Halladay and the Phillies are concerned, they are about to start a series with a team that has shown that, so far, it can hang with the big boys.

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2 Responses to “To be the best”

  1. Zach says:

    They’ve only played Atlanta 3 times, with a 1-2 record.

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