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Introduction to Padres 101

July 31st, 2008 by Melvin

Padres101The San Diego Padres Baseball Club, like any large business, is a complex entity. Lots of employees with different skill sets work together to provide us fans with the entertainment experience we come to expect. From groundskeepers to broadcasters, quantitative analysts to medical staff, it takes a lot to operate a baseball team.

As is the nature of the entertainment industry, fans can only follow the workings of the team as often as their leisure time, and entertainment budget, allow. In order to follow a sports team, fans rely on others, most often members of the media, to report on and summarize team related information, and keep fans in the loop with their team. The spectrum of these reports varies wildly, ranging from sports updates on the nightly news to in-depth, frequently updated websites.

Now, thanks to the internet and other new forms of communication, in depth coverage is available to anyone who cares enough about watching grown men run in circles. Web sites provide competition for the analysis fans need to enjoy the game.

The bad news is, San Diego traditional media hasn’t successfully responded to the improvement in sports coverage. Radio commentators and newspaper columnists supply fans with misinformation, poor research, and display a less than thorough understanding of the complexity under which the San Diego Padres conduct business.

Therefore, in conjunction with present a series titled “Padres 101″. We will break down the business environment that surrounds the team, and all the background info behind decisions the team has made to stay competitive. This is the stuff you don’t hear on the radio. Stay tuned.

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3 Responses to “Introduction to Padres 101”

  1. wrveres says:

    looking forward to it

  2. What, that wasn’t enough? ;)

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