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Too many goodbyes

August 20th, 2010 by Ray

At 12:37pm today, Bill Center broke the worst news:

12:36 [Comment From George]
I might be mistaken, but didn’t Moorad mention a possible uniform color/scheme change soon in the future when he first took over. Thoughts?

12:37 Bill Center: There will be some changes next year, but no major variations. Sand will be eliminated from the road uniforms

Padres chat with U-T beat writer Bill Center

Sand will be eliminated from the road uniforms

There are no words.

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6 Responses to “Too many goodbyes”

  1. Kevin Thompson says:


  2. ScionFriar says:

    Great. Let’s make an already generic uniform even less unique!

  3. Randy Ready says:

    Did he also mention if they were eliminating “Padres” from the script and replacing it with “Brewers?” Milwaukee has a history of borrowed jerseys, so it wouldn’t even be a stretch.

  4. Dkl says:

    Since the white and blue jerseys look like softballl uniforms, will they be printing the local pizza parlor sponsor on the back?

  5. kbrian says:


  6. Larry Faria says:

    I always liked those 1930s Padres uni’s with the navy blue pinstripes, at least Ted Williams looked good in them. I was never invested enough with the sand uni’s to care too much. If they replace the sand, how about substituting the powder blue the Chargers threw away?

    That brings up the nasty habit of new owners changing uni’s to establish their control. Say what you want about Steinbrenner, he never messed with the Yankees’ pinstripes.

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