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On Black and managing Game 162

October 4th, 2010 by Ray

Looking around the internet, it seems that everyone has an opinion on the moves Bud Black made, or didn’t make, during yesterday’s game. For my part, I have only one thing to say:

Chris Denorfia is not a center fielder. Stop playing him in centerfield.

I like Denorfia, relatively speaking. He’s a solid hitter who should make for a strong fourth outfielder for the 2011 team. But like I said, he’s not a center fielder. His sloppy route on Huff’s double yesterday was an appropriate end to a season in which Denorfia cost the team four and a half runs in only a quarter of the season’s worth of time in center.

Keep Baby in a corner, Bud. Please don’t make Hoyer go all Vinny Castilla on him.

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4 Responses to “On Black and managing Game 162”

  1. BDawg says:

    totally agreed. Deno’s zig-zag route reminded me of Brady Clark all over again. I think TGwynn catches that one running….

  2. drowningboy says:

    Take solace.

    Listen to the latest Zito song!!!

  3. Larry Faria says:

    Ditto. With two pitchers who had 1-0 duels earlier, the best offense is defense. Cunningham, Gwynn and Venable should have been the outfield crew.

    Bud has to stop looking at Venable as a platoon player, and give him the everyday job that will let him see lefthanded pitching. Venable and Cunningham have the best potential to be productive on both sides of the ball. Then the team can afford Gwynn’s weak bat.

    I even believe the shortstop for game 162 should have been the same one who played game 1. Cabrera has more range, and even without Tejada’s groin pull, he’s a lot faster.

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