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Transplant fighting Padres shirt

November 29th, 2010 by Melvin

San Diego Padres Shirt Your City So Great

Bothered more by  Cubs fans than a Padres loss? Does that transplanted retired lawyer and Cardinals fan from Columbia, Missouri need to be put in his place? What about that tough guy Red Sox fan on vacation from the craphole they call the entire East Coast?

I’m tired of visitors at Petco who are so damn proud of their home city they don’t want to be there anymore. Lets take back Petco Park for Padres fans. This shirt makes it easy, and it’s available now for $11.90 at the Sacrifice Bunt shop. For you hipsters there’s an American Apparel version as well.

As with everything else, we don’t make any commission on these, the price is as affordable as we can get. Use the coupon code “GIFTS2010″ for free shipping on orders over $30, so now’s your chance to pick up an I <3 Headley shirt as well.

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One Response to “Transplant fighting Padres shirt”

  1. Melvin says:

    We all have our own experiences regarding fandom. I know an assortment of people who have moved here and adopted the Padres as their team, and others who hold their ground with previous favorites. Maybe it’s a matter of how long people live in San Diego before they make the switch.

    Either way, there are always lots of visiting fans in PETCO from teams other than the Cubs. It’s time Padres fans let them know that when they root for other teams, they’re guests in San Diego, regardless of where they live now.

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