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“Adrian Gonzalez just will not stop hijacking my weekend.”

December 6th, 2010 by Ray

I don’t think this will come as a surprise to anyone, but I’m really cool. My days and my nights are filled with the hottest parties, traveling, and everything else cool people do but luckily for me, I finally had an open schedule this past weekend. That is, until Jed Hoyer and Theo Epstein got together.

It’s hard to simply put into words how wild this weekend was. First Adrian was traded to Boston, then he wasn’t, then he was again. But instead of giving you a watered down recap, I’m going to give you the authentic. The following is taken straight from our twitter (, is uncensored and unadulterated, and gives you a window into the mind of a maniac named Ray (not really). Enjoy.

Boston Red Sox near deal for Adrian Gonzalez of San Diego Padres, sources say: The Padres were close to finalizi…

The one that started it all. This tweet came in late (for me) Friday night and while there was some cynicism at the time, I think many of us have been taking a wait and see approach for years, it turned out that the time had finally come.

Boo I want Lowire

Oh past me, you have no idea what’s coming.

@maestro876 Yeah, I’m not sure how I feel about that either. Lowrie would go a long way for us.

With the talk that the Padres would only be getting minor league players in return spreading, I stood by my Jed Lowrie guns. Oh past me again.

@woedoctor It’s interesting that the article makes no reference to Lowrie, either in a deal or as a Red Sock in 2011.

lol give it a rest

What would Rizzo mean for Kyle Blanks?

Good question, past me. I’m still a big fan of the Delorean (by the way, that’s his new nickname. Please use it) despite his fading popularity and I expect big things out of him. While acquiring Rizzo could simply be a matter of taking the best talent available, I wonder if Hoyer shares my optimism in Blanks.

@mickeykoke Kelly has to be obligatory. I’d think any problems would be for Boston to solve, not Jed.

Like a duck to water I was.

@BR_ToddKaufmann I’m wondering if he’s looking at it as top minor league talent over just pretty good major league talent.

Reading around the internet, many of the complaints regarding the trade have to do with Hoyer not receiving any major league-ready talent in return. Personally, I’d rather not try to cram a square peg into a round hole and since my Lowrie dream had sailed, that seemed like the other option.

@BR_ToddKaufmann The point should be to maximize our return and if Hoyer’s not sold on the core as it is, he might as well build the future.

There’s also this. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve yet to get the impression that Hoyer thinks the 2010 Padres were a club that could do repeat business. Rather than go the Gunslinger route and throw on bandage after bandage, I hypothesized that Hoyer’s ready to put his own stamp on the team, which now includes Kelly, Rizzo, and Fuentes. We’ll see how that prediction goes.

@BR_ToddKaufmann Latos, Kelly, Castro, Luebke will make for a solid front four.

Yup. Along with Latos, the Padres have two top 15 pitching prospects and Luebke. They may not all make it, but I doubt they all won’t make it.

Given what we know about Ludwick and pressure, how’s he going to react to being the big dog once Adrian’s gone?

Ray Lankford, master of psychology.

@jorgearangure I’m still holding out hope that Hoyer gets Lowrie thrown in.

Gah! Before you know it, I’m going to be out in the bushes behind Lowrie’s house.

And I was just about to go to sleep @NCTPadres Just was told#Padres-#RedSox deal would only involve Adrian Gonzalez and is “close.”

Good thing I didn’t, I guess.

Hoyer trades Adrian, takes his chances with the kids.

Welcome to Saturday morning. After the trade was first announced, though not confirmed, I threw my reaction to the trade up on the board. Go read it!

@Kevin_Goldstein @jorgearangure Does Kelly become the number one prospect?

Not to speak for Mr. Goldstein but yes, yes he does.

Mel here. My only concern, it’s a minor one, is that Jed pulls a Dayton Moore and overvalues what he knows. Back of my kind kind of thing.

Melvin’s contribution. We’ll get back to this idea a little later.

If we keep Blanks and he keeps 88, can we call him The Delorean?

That sounds like a fantastic idea.

One thing I haven’t seen mentioned today: We’ve still got Bud Black, the best manager of young players in baseball.

I may not love that robot but the kids sure seem to.

One positive from today: Gunslinging in San Diego is officially dead.

There were many positives from Saturday, but this may been the positivest.

@FollowThePadres I’d give it a solid B. I’m excited by Kelly’s potential and Fuentes is intriguing, but I don’t understand acquiring Rizzo.

Again, I understand Rizzo. In baseball, when it comes to prospects, it’s best to get the best talent available regardless of position. But considring that said talent happened to be at a position of depth, I think a B is a fair grade.

After getting used to the idea of Kelly and Rizzo, I’m going to be kind of upset if we don’t get them.

And welcome to Sunday.

It’s five past. Did the trade happen or not?!?

Major League Baseball set a ([very] soft) deadline of 2pm EST for the Red Sox to work out an extension with Adrian. The idea was that Boston would kill the trade if they couldn’t hammer out an extension and as 2pm EST rolled around, things got a little tense.

Adrian Gonzalez just will not stop hijacking my weekend.


If Adrian turns down 6-years, $160 million, I will literally eat him alive.

After the deadline came and “went,” rumors started swirling about how much money we were talking about. The 6/160 numbers were thrown out and whether or not it was actually offered, I stand by my comments.

Wooooo! @Joelsherman1 Heard #Redsox might be ok doing parameters with Gonzo, finalize in spring if healthy #Padres.

Nooooo! @SI_JonHeyman Source; gonzalez deal fell thru

These were back-to-back tweets and this was that kind of day.

Can we talk about the Padres saying they won’t field any other offers? That won’t really help squash the ‘collusion’ talk.

Back to Melvin’s point (sort of). Among the rumors that were swirled, it was said that Hoyer said he wouldn’t try again if these particular Adrian talks broke down. That means it was Boston for good or bad, which becomes suspicious when you consider that Hoyer used to work for Boston and got what many people believe was a below-average deal. It was mostly just anxiety enduced ramblings, but it gives a good picture of how the day went.

After seeing the Werth extension, I understand why Adrian’s playing such hardball.

In the midst of Adrianpalooza, Jayson Werth signed a deal (though not an extension. Why did I say extension?) with the Nationals for roughly 26 years and $4.5 billion. This was bad for Boston and not only because he had been a target of theirs.

Nationals have single-handedly ended all discussion of possible collusion.

I re-tweeted Buster Olney taking out the trash.

WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! @SI_JonHeyman A gon is now a red sox

Finally? Finally.

WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! @SI_JonHeyman prospects will remain same in deal. Going to #padres are kelly, rizzo, fuentes and 4th prospect

There we go. All’s well that ends well…

Adrian’s press conference is tomorrow at 11am EST. That means we’ll get our first horrible look at him in a Red Sox cap in about 12 hours.

Sort of.

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2 Responses to ““Adrian Gonzalez just will not stop hijacking my weekend.””

  1. Larry Faria says:

    Nice recap. The one thing that should come out of this is that the Adrian money and Werth money clearly show that about two thirds of the clubs can’t compete for superstars. If they develop one, they’ll be lucky to keep them through their last arb year at a reasonable price, as the Padres did.

    Another lesson is, if you want to maximize their value in trade, don’t make an improbable pennant run the year before the superstar’s last year, when you can get maximum value.

  2. Larry Faria says:

    By the way – your title photo shows Chris Young attempting to sacrifice bunt. It’s time to consider an update. I suggest Mat Latos bunting, because he’s most likely to be around for a few years.

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