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The Padres All-Time 25-Man Roster

December 17th, 2010 by Ray

Any Fangraphs junkies out there may have noticed the site recently added a Multiple Season filter to their stats section. With this, I thought I’d go through the years and fill out the titular Padres roster using WAR.

Of course, this isn’t a perfect measure. Since UZR only dates back to 2002, all WAR are not created equal back to 1969. Luckily, Baseball Reference uses Total Zone for their defensive stats, which is more even, if less comprehensive, through the decades. Even with these two stats, things weren’t perfect, so with a combination of frog DNA and my own Padres knowledge, I filled in the gaps as best I could. This is the result.


C: Gene Tenace (1977-80)
1B: Adrian Gonzalez (2006-10)
2B: Mark Loretta (2003-05)
3B: Ken Caminiti (1995-98)
SS: Ozzie Smith (1978-81)
LF: Dave Winfield (1973-80)
CF: Mark Kotsay (2001-03)
RF: Tony Gwynn (1982-2001)


C: Terry Kennedy (1981-86)
1B: Phil Nevin (1999-2005)
2B: Bip Roberts (1986, 1988-91, 1994-95)
SS: Khalil Greene (2003-08)
LF: Gene Richards (1977-83)
RF: Brian Giles (2003-09)


SP: Jake Peavy (2002-09)
SP: Andy Benes (1989-95)
SP: Kevin Brown (1998)
SP: Randy Jones (1973-80)
SP: Andy Ashby (1993-99)


CL: Trevor Hoffman (1993-2008)
SU: Heath Bell (2007-Present)
RP: Goose Gossage (1984-87)
RP: Mark Davis (1987-89, 1993-94)
RP: Scott Linebrink (2003-07)
LR: Eric Show (1981-90)

Now tell me where I’m wrong.

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16 Responses to “The Padres All-Time 25-Man Roster”

  1. Chiltepin says:

    Hard to believe Gary Templeton is not the bench SS instead of Khalil Greene. And also hard to believe that Phil Nevin is better that Steve Garvey. But numbers don’t lie, do they?

    • Ray says:

      It was close between Templeton and Greene. Ultimately, with Ozzie starting, I went with Khalil’s offensive advantage over Temp’s defensive one.

      As far as Garvey goes, despite that one home run, he was just kind of so-so in San Diego. Meanwhile, Nevin might be the most underrated Padre of all-time, but that’s another list.

    • AJ says:

      Starting Lineup
      1. LF Ricky Henderson
      2. RF Tony Gwynn
      3. 2B Robby Alomar
      4. 3B Ken Caminiti
      5. 1B Adrian Gonzalez
      6. CF Steve Finley
      7. C Benito Santiago
      8. SS Gary Tempelton

      Starting Rotation

      1. Jake Peavy
      2. Kevin Brown
      3. Andy Ashby
      4. Mark Thurman/Lamar Hoyt
      5. Bruce Hurst/David Wells


      1. Brian Giles
      2. Phil Nevin
      3. Khalil Green
      4. Steve Garvey
      5. Joe Carter
      6. Greg Vanghn
      7. Ramon Hernandez

      Relief Pitchers – Long and Closers

      1. Fernando Valenzuela – nostalgic and was great at home.
      2. Scott Linebrink – Solid for Hoffy
      3. Greg Harris – solid for Mark Davis
      4. Craig Lefferts – before Davis there was Goose
      5. Akinore Otsuka – love that commercial he did for Corky’s and nails on the mound.


      1. Trevor Hoffman
      2. Mark Davis
      3. Heath Bell
      4. Goose Gossage
      5. with these four do you really need another!?!

  2. Nate says:

    Seems like an obvious question and I am sure you are going to blow my mind but Tenace and Kennedy over Santiago? Sheffield’s 1.5 years were pretty amazing.

    • Ray says:

      Benito was very hit or miss at the plate. In his three years in San Diego, his wRC+ was above 100 three times and below three times, but it was in the 80s three times. And while Sheffield was brilliant in his short time as a Padre, he just wasn’t better than Cammy.

  3. Larry says:

    No room for HOFer Rollie Fingers? And if you can Give Kevin Brown a spot for one year, why not HOFer Gaylord Perry for his ’78 CY year?

    • Ray says:

      Fingers is a Hall of Famer, but there’s only so much room on this roster and I’m not sure who I would’ve bumped to make space for him. And as far as Perry’s concerned, it wouldn’t have felt right to put two rent-a-pitchers in the starting rotation and Brown’s 98 was just better than Perry’s 78.

  4. joel says:

    Steve Finley in CF had 3 excellent years and 1 decent year for the Pads, so while Kotsay’s 3 seasons were really good, I would give Finley the nod.

    • Ray says:

      Finley was a great offensive center fielder, but it’s less clear how good he was defensively. Total Zone, for one, put him at -57 for his time in San Diego. Kotsay wasn’t Finley’s equal offensively, but he was much much steadier defensively. Kevin McReynolds was actually my runner up.

  5. I would use Mark Davis as a lefty.He looks like a girl throwing righty!

  6. Steve Adler says:

    I’m surprised Roberto Alomar is not in the line up. Lo-re-ta and Bip ahead of him?

    • Ray says:

      There wasn’t a lot of space between the three second baseman. Fangraphs’ WAR has a run and a half between them and Baseball Reference’s only has half. I went with Loretta starting because he had the best single-season of the three and I went with Bip on the bench for his versatility.

      If this was the All-Star game and I could carry 33 players, Alomar would definitely be on the team.

  7. […] The Padres All-Time 25-Man Roster (Sacrifice Bunt). This is fun. I messed around with something similar in one of the Ducksnorts Annuals. I will have to update my list some day. […]

  8. Larry says:

    Say! Where ARE you guys? Did everybody move to South America? There have been trades, signings, arbitration hearings avoided, and pitchers and catchers report in less than 30 days. Here we readers are, parched for analysis. Come back, guys, come back!

  9. BroLeo says:

    Mike Cameron should get the nod over Kotsay in CF. And I like Benito Santiago over Tenace, behind the plate.

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