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01/28 Sacrificial Links

January 28th, 2011 by Ray

Sacrificial Links Your 2011 San Diego Brewers (The Sacrifice Bunt)

Melvin’s well-publicized take on the new away jerseys. Personally, my opinions aren’t as strong as Mel’s. The jersey’s just too boring to warrant it. But I do agree that the team took a step backwards into the crowd with these. Now all they have to do is bring back the abominations they wore from 1999-2003 to really complete the look.

Padres unveil new ‘Marine digital’ jerseys (

The road jerseys weren’t the only new looks unveiled this week, as the team introduced their new Sunday alts with these “Marine digital” tops. While they’re the nicest camo jerseys the team has ever worn, the big news is the reemergence of brown as an official color for the first time since 1990. While these hats aren’t perfect, they are very camouflage and they are brown! Maybe Moorad’s warming up to the old school Padres look. After all…

Tucson Padres unveil their retro logo (

…he okay’d this. The fans did show their support for the 84 style by voting it into the Throwback Thursday rotation, so maybe it left an impression on Moorad. And just to add more fuel to your fire, Bill Center said yesterday in his chat that the team is considering Tucson a test run. Sez Bill (and an intrepid young reporter):

12:09 [Comment From Ray L.]
Are the Padres using the old font in Tucson as a test run for the big league team?
12:10 Bill Center:
My guess could be yes. Why would they use those uniforms unless they wanted to see how they fly with the fans. It is an interesting choice.
12:11 Bill Center:
My guess is yes. The Tucson uniforms and logos are interesting. Must be some reason why they were picked

Stay tuned, folks.

Padres add Cantu’s can-do bat to the bench (Friarhood)

Oh right, there was non uniform-related news this week. The Padres signed Jorge Cantu to a one-year deal to be the big bat off the bench slash platoon partner for Hawpe and/or Headley. You could read my take over at Friarhood.

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