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Boycott the Blue

February 1st, 2011 by Ray

As you may have noticed from our recent mention at Big League Stew (and based on the number of visitors it sent us, you did), we’re not too fond of the new road jerseys here at The Sac Bunt. In fact, we’re not too fond of the whole look. Like 11 other teams in the league, the Padres wear a dark blue hat onto the field, only we do it with less history behind us than some others. We’ve tried before to catch the ear of management. We just want to let them know that us true Padre fans, the ones who have followed the team for more than two years, know that we are a team with an identity all our own, even if it has been hidden away for the past two decades.

Recently, a page has been floating around on facebook (not too unlike one we started last year), asking folks to sign a petition to get the team back in brown. It’s a noble cause, but one that I think has a slight problem: management knows we want brown. At last week’s town hall meeting, the topic was presented to Tom Garfinkle, who said:

Brown is out. If the Padres do return to an old look, it would likely be a take on the 1948-1949 PCL Padreslook popularized by the throwback uniforms they wore in 2005-2007. He did reveal, however, that they were more keen of the “red, white, and blue” color scheme if they were to tweak anything at all.

(Thanks to Bryant at Woe, Doctor! for getting that one)

Red, white and blue. The same color scheme used by eleven other teams in the league. I hate to say it but I don’t think management is going to get it. We could tell them switch back to brown till we’re blue in the face (and given their love of blue, they’d probably appreciate the act) but it won’t change anything. Which is why I propose the following:

Boycott the blue.

With the focus groups telling the team how much they like the look of dark blue between scarfs of pizza, it’s clear that management only cares about the opinion of one man: Benjamin Franklin. So let’s get him on our side.

You know those new road jerseys the team just unveiled? Don’t buy them. Or anything else combining “Padres,” “San Diego,” and dark blue together (and that goes for Chargers jerseys as well). When you go the stadium to root them on, leave your dark blue in the closet. Wear brown, or green, or even street clothes if you must (no blue jeans though). Let those whose opinion matter know how you feel. Let them know that this aggression will not stand. Let them know that the Friar was never meant to wear dark blue and as a Padres fan, neither were you.

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17 Responses to “Boycott the Blue”

  1. OBcean says:

    Done and done. Thanks for the plan.

  2. AJM says:

    Wearing brown to a game shouldn’t be a problem for me. This has been my cause… I shall now take it up formally.

  3. Nate D. says:

    I don’t agree with the idea, I am a fan of the blue but I understand your reasoning. Check out my blog:

  4. John Crawford says:

    THIS is exactly why I started the Facebook group “The San Diego Padres should switch back to brown uniforms!!” Please join and help spread the word. Sign the petition! Return the Padres to their brown and gold glory!

  5. Melvin says:

    I think boycotting is a little strong. I rock my blue SD hat with pride, as the SD logo is the only consistent (mostly) mark the team has.

    I’m not against blue and sand, or even blue and gray for that matter if they would just do something different.

    • Ray says:

      Rocking blue is not necessary to support the Padres or to represent San Diego. The team currently has two official hats in colors other than blue (green and brown), not to mention the Cooperstown collection or fashion caps, and they all have the iconic SD logo.

  6. Jordan Stark says:

    Ray, thank you so much for posting this. Has some great information I didn’t know about. My girlfriend actually found this post and sent it to me a couple hours ago! I’m the guy who tweeted you about the petition. I’d like to talk more shop with you about our plans, and it goes far beyond just the petition.

    I’m a co-owner of a local graphic design studio and we’re planning an entire campaign to follow the petition, which is also intended to drive traffic to the petition. We also have no illusions that this campaign may go on for years until the ownership heeds our voice. We don’t care, we feel passionate about this and we will do it year after year after year. We’re young, naive and have lots of energy. They can only ignore us for so long until they feel either inspired or threatened, we just need build allies in this campaign and make it known. We see the potential everywhere we go, tons of locals wearing combinations of the brown colorway over the blue.

    We grew up with the brown and orange, and those years were the only years we really felt a direct attachment to the team. We need to SHOW the management that this is very much our city, our team, and our identity. Our primary mission with this campaign is to not only rally around the brown, but to also inspire more loyalty to our home, San Diego. We know that without the fans, the team is nothing. So if the fans demand the brown, they WILL bring back the brown.

    But sure, we’ll boycott blue too. I know I don’t have a single blue SD item in my possession. SD is sooo much more than waves… and SAND!!

    • Jordan Stark says:

      But at the same time, our campaign is based more on optimism for our home than to spite the ownership. So, that’s why we want to throw events at local businesses on gamedays, and rally groups to sit together in the stands wearing brown. Boycotting is one thing, and just rocking the brown and having fun as San Diegans is another.

      Let’s talk more, we’d love to have The Sac Bunt on our side.

    • Ray says:

      I like your enthusiasm. Send me your email address (either here or on twitter [or facebook]) and let’s rap.

    • Jordan Stark says:

      Hey, I tried to email you guys via your web-form but I’m not sure if it submitted. Acting a little funny. What’s your email addy? Ours can be found here,

  7. 'Eaters says:

    Have you also considered changing the color scheme of your website?

  8. Sammy says:

    I think the point of most of these articles (here and elsewhere) is not as much a dislike of the current color scheme as much as the unoriginality of it. Why does Padres management want the team to look nearly identical to a dozen other teams?

    I am NOT in favor of going back to mustard stained taco uniforms, but the old PCL scheme is interesting. It’s not the usual faux-patriotic red white and blue shades.

  9. Gooden Uggla says:

    Don’t the Pads have other things to worry about?

    This is a Non-Issue.

    Can’t wait for Peoria so Pads “bloggers” don’t have to manufacture “news”.

    • Melvin says:

      If writing about uniforms is a non-issue, what’s commenting on such a writing?

    • Sammy says:

      What exactly are bloggers supposed to report on in January, in a week with no trades, no games played, no free agents signed? The fact is, it WAS news that the Padres changed their uniform color scheme slightly.

    • Ray says:

      I’m curious as to how the list of Padres worries breaks down.

      What’s at the top of the list?

  10. Aaron says:

    As much as the Padres look good in their navy blues, I think if done properly, the brown could definitely make a comeback, whether it’s done with orange or sand or a combination of both. Making the brown darker would be nice. I wouldn’t go so far as boycotting the blue though.

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