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New at Friarhood 02/22

March 22nd, 2011 by Ray

I discuss the recent announcement that Orlando Hudson will be the team’s three hitter going into the season. It’s not really a big deal, but I still put an effort in. Check it out here, but feel free to leave your comments here (here here).

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One Response to “New at Friarhood 02/22”

  1. Larry Faria says:

    Dan Gettinger has his optimal lineup at Friar Forecast, and he has Hudson leading off too. Two things to remember: one, Bud all but announced he wants Venable leading off, and he doesn’t want to listen, how you gonna stop him?

    Second, Bud plays the left/right alternates in the order wherever he can, so don’t be surprised if Bartlett hits second. Hudson’s a switch hitter, so he’s probably third to allow Bud to flip-flop Hawpe/cantu and Ludwick when it’s called for, and having Switch hitter Headley hitting sixth between them likely looks attractive to Bud.

    Using career OBP or even position OBP isn’t being ignored, it’s just not Bud’s absolute top priority. The lineup is at the mercy of an unflappable former lefthanded pitcher, who may be setting up the lineup he, personally, would least like to face.

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