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The one where I wish you a Happy Opening Day — and other fun stuff

March 31st, 2011 by Melvin

5&adime Bring Back the Brown PadresHappy Opening Day!

The new look Padres are here, stealing our hearts with their well balanced lineup and bothering me with their boring jerseys.

I’ve got some IRL blog related action to report, starting with a special event brought to us by the cool chaps at RJ’s Fro…

Padres Blogs Unite!

This Sunday, April 3rd, a bunch of Padres blogs, The Madres, Jane Mitchell, The Lake Elsinore Storm, Randy Jones himself, and others will be uniting for fun and charity at the Randy Jones BBQ in Mission Valley. The game starts at 11:15am. What’s that, want food and drink specials? You bet your food and drink specials will be all over this piece.

And the best part? I have a prior commitment, so I won’t be in attendance. If I knew of a way to accept gifts of food and drink via Twitter, that would be encouraged. Instead, be sure to join us for the first ever…

Crowd in Brown

We’ll be partying it up April 9th at the Bring Back the Brown pregame party! Come hang out at 5&A Dime downtown from 1-4pm for a live DJ, BBQ, and craft brew provided by Left Coast Brewing Co. A bunch of bloggers including myself will be there doing whatever it is we do when not blogging, plus the brains behind the Bring Back the Brown campaign from Product Etcetera™.

After the party we’ll mob over to the game in our stylish brown. No blue allowed!

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2 Responses to “The one where I wish you a Happy Opening Day — and other fun stuff”

  1. Tex Connally says:

    Did someone say bring back the brown?

    • Melvin says:

      I have to be honest, I didn’t expect the subject of sniffing coke off prostitutes to make its way into this discussion.

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