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June 25th, Bring Back the Brown!

June 23rd, 2011 by Melvin

Bring Back the Brown June 25thHere’s a heads up about another great Bring Back the Brown event, this Saturday, June 25th. Pregame party is at the Lincoln Room before a 5:35 start against the Braves.

While truth hasn’t flowed from this blog as swiftly as in years past, there have been some great events I’ve recently had the pleasure of attending, and I want to encourage everyone to come hang out. Talking Padres with the community in person, especially if there’s beer somehow involved, makes for a fantastic and fun experience. I can’t make it this weekend, and I apologize profusely. Nonetheless, it will be rad, so if you haven’t come out yet, put on some brown and join the blogging community for a good time.

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2 Responses to “June 25th, Bring Back the Brown!”

  1. Padres are playing like shit, they may as well look like it as well.

    Bring back the shit colored Brown iniforms.

  2. m8017r says:

    Why do people keep going to baseball games. Owners and baseball players should be wearing ski masks and guns because of what they charge to go to these games. They sell and give away all the good talent and leave us with LESS THAN mediocre players to go watch. You know what, if we boycotted every home game and let the big wigs know that we are not going to put up with it anymore maybe they’ll start going after big names and good talent. If we did it all as a colletive (meaning in other mediocre baseball cities) maybe baseball will finally have a salary cap and we will have more teams in the playoffs other than the usual suspects. I no longer support baseball in any shape or form. Other people should do the same because these is fucking ridiculous. Padres management, what was the point of the city building you a stadium if you are going to fill it with crap. We could have bought one for the chargers, at least they look at talent and not money.

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