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Sacrificial Links

November 14th, 2007 by Melvin

Mad Phat Propz

I would like to send a big thank you to those folk kind enough to leave us links, in our most humblest of beginnings. Ducksnorts, Gaslamp Ball, and Friar Forecast said nice things, and the encouragement is appreciated.

PITCHf/x tool (Hardball Times)

Josh Kalk at the Hardball Times has developed a very useful tool to query PITCHf/x (pitch type and location data) for pitchers and catchers. It is still under development, but already provides info for 300,000+ pitches wherever the device has been used. Here is Jake vs. Barry. Note the view is from the catcher looking towards the pitcher. NOTE: to be avoided by anyone averse to reading graphs in their free time.

322 Feet (New Blog)

Lots of analysis. Cool name. Updates on Chargers attendance. Can’t go wrong. I can’t complete sentences.

We’ve Got Plenty Of Room (San Diego Union Tribune)

“We’ve got plenty of room,” Alderson said yesterday, when the Padres were free to make offers to other clubs’ free agents. “We just have to find the right players.”

It’s comments like these I love and hate at the same time. Kevin Towers has demonstrated a refreshing openness with the media throughout his time as GM, and I like seeing the same thing from Sandy Alderson.

The downside, however, is when people hear just a smidgen of what they want to believe and their mind creates an entire dollop. If a guy is available for the right price we can spend the money. Just like last off season, which I would say went pretty well. There’s a reason the team went with Maddux over Zito last year, and aren’t we all freaking stoked they did?

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  1. Bryan S says:

    Thanks for the link. I just added a sidebar link for your site on mine, as well. Good to know I’m not in the boat alone here.

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