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January 18th, 2013 by Melvin

Padres Season TicketsEver been stalked by a new friend from the Padres season ticket sales office? I’m not a season ticket customer/member, but I’ve spoken with a number of those who are about their experience. There are quite a few interesting stories which put season ticket representatives into two general categories. Some are helpful, respectful, and willing to work with customers to bend even the Padres’ own rules in order to help.

Oddly enough, the other group’s behavior seems the exact opposite. People talk of a barrage of phone calls, sometimes a few calls a week for multiple weeks at a time trying to sell tickets. Emails too. Here are a few fans’ reports, I’ve heard similar stories from others. It is important to consider our good bud selection bias could be in play, as people loudly report experiences most when they’re at one extreme or the other.

I’ve tried wrapping my brain around what kind of organizational structure could lead to this behavior, and it wasn’t until talking with someone who knows that it’s starting to make sense.

Season ticket salespeople are required to make 50 phone calls to perspective customers a day. And their managers check the phone logs. So no matter how many leads a rep may be following up on at any given time, they still have to call 50 people. It makes sense then that during slow times, those fans being courted by salespeople get more of the phone calls. Maybe a lot more, depending. And it makes sense that the messages get a little weird. What would you say if you had to call some dude for the 8th time in a couple weeks?

Update: Also getting reports from people who have received handwritten notes. I recommend carrier pigeons next.

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  1. Padres Fan says:

    YES YES YES YES YES. I was invited out to the ballpark and the representative asked me to bring my father along for a “exclusive tour of PETCO Park”. During out trip, we were basically given a two hour presentation about buying season ticket packages. After being asked the same questions over and over again, I developed a massive headache and was happy that I did not bring my friends along as the representative suggested beforehand. I would have been thoroughly embarassed.

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