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Trade Khalil because he sucks

August 11th, 2008 by Melvin

…why sports talk radio will rot your brains.

You can’t trade bad players just because they’re bad.  If baseball were that easy, Padre fans would never have the pleasure of telling the thrilling tales of Mark Bellhorn.  You trade players when their perceived value is greater than their actual value.

And yes, we at the Sac Bunt already put our money where our mouth is.  Yes we know, 97 RBIS!  Completely relevant!
Khalil Greene's Trade Value

Even more importantly, trading players who are performing worse than their career norms is a terrible, horrible, god-forsaken idea that should only be argued by someone with the memory of a goldfish*.

Here’s why:  other teams don’t follow ours as closely as we do. We’re less likely to receive equal return for Khalil Greene’s entire, all encompassing true skill level.  We get the talk radio version.  Nothing worthwhile.

That’s why the only rational move with Greene is to hold and see what happens.  If his offense continues to drop off the face of the earth, though I wouldn’t that rule out entirely, we still don’t lose much of anything.

But considering nobody is depending the dude for offense in a stretch run, we can afford to wait.  Give him a chance to rebound.  And that isn’t out of the question.

*The rumor that goldfish have a 3-second memory is an urban legend, but I couldn’t think of another reference.

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