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November 25th, 2007 by Melvin

The NL Most Valuable Copy Creator Award

I went to write a post on Jimmy Rollins and the NL MVP, but noticed Joe Sheehan said all I was going to write. Whatever, call me a cut-and-paste blogger, but he nails it:

This vote reflects the storyline, not the performance. All of the measures of performance that we have, from Value Over Replacement Player to Wins Above Replacement Player to…well, pick your favorite stat…yield roughly the same conclusion: that Jimmy Rollins was somewhere between the fifth- and eighth-best player in the NL this year…

There is one point I can’t so easily take credit for, however:

The three best players in the league finished fourth (Wright), seventh (Peavy) and ninth (Pujols) in the MVP balloting, not because their performance was lacking, but because their teammates were.

The teammate performance aspect of MVP voting I can claim, but who knew our homie Jake Peavy tied for the second best WARP in the NL?

This is the reason I get all snarky when people cite MVPs and All-Star births in evaluations. I view this as fun fluff to talk (and post) about, but it tells you something if a debate participant brings it up in actual analytical discussion.

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2 Responses to “NL MVP Post”

  1. Ray Lankford says:

    One thing I’d be curious to find out is if the creators of the MVP award meant for everyone to get in a battle over semantics or if they were just trying to make the best player award sound cute.

    And I don’t think people are making a big enough deal about the way Rollins campaigned for this award. Why wouldn’t Chad Johnson hijack a television camera when self-promotion so clearly pays?

  2. fart says:

    needs moar original content.

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