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11-27 Sacrificial Links

November 27th, 2007 by Melvin

I know nonspecific Padres link posts aren’t the kind of hardhittedness you’d normally expect from The Sac Bunt, but I have two great reads I just know you’ll find mildly amusing.

Whirlwind courtship ends with Hunter in Angels’ OF (USA Today via MlbTradeRumors)

Not your everyday ‘X signs for $Y, here’s his batting average and home runs from last year’ kind of free agent signing article. I spent about ten minutes trying to think of a joke to put here, but no dice. Sorry, I guess. Hunter dressed as Spiderman? Maybe?

Conlin’s Losing Numbers (crashburn alley via 322 feet, and FriarForecast)

You can feel the desperation ooozing from bad sportswriters, can’t you? They ignored the internet, then they tried making fun of the internet, now they’ve settled and gone bat shit insane crazy. Quothe one:

I think I’ll let the words I wrote after the death of my dear friend and colleague, the former local Associated Press Bureau Chief Ralph Bernstein and the nearly half century relationship my wife and I have had with Ralph and his family through good times and bad represent me against any contrived and baseless attempt to slime me as an anti-Semite. I was a speaker at Ralph’s Memorial service. Quite obviously, the Hitler line was used in a satiric response to what has turned into a concerted assault on my Jimmy Rollins column and on my career.

What does this even mean? Name dropping the local AP bureau chief? You can’t make this stuff up. This rambling drivel devolved from an email conversation between a polite, good natured Phillies blogger and Philadelphia Daily News writer Bill Conlin.

Soooo, ok. Is A-Rod a Padre yet?

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