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Trevor Hoffman: Everything we’ve ever done is exactly perfect

August 23rd, 2008 by Melvin

Baseball is a perfect delicate flower that can do no wrong:

What if the scoring rules were changed so that, say, if a starter leaves after seven innings with a lead, the bullpen blows it, but the team regains the lead for good in its next at-bat, the official scorer has the discretion to award the win to the starter?

Baseball’s all-time saves leader did not think much of the idea.

“I think it’s trying to reinvent the wheel as far as statistics are concerned,” Padres closer Trevor Hoffman said. “It’s not the way statistics have been run thus far.”

SF Gate via Baseball Think Factory

Trevor Hoffman

Photo: SD Dirk

This is why blogs, or at least someone with backbone needs media access.  To ask, “Ok, yes, indeed, games have been scored this way for awhile.  But isn’t it still obviously, grossly, unfair and wrong?”  No?  Nobody’s going to ask that?

Just as funny is the way we bend over ass-backwards to make up for the complete crapulence of Wins and Saves.  Instead of using qualifiers “hard luck losses” and the like, can’t we just admit they were bad ideas to begin with and just fix the problem?

Why do I feel the need to ask so many rhetorical questions?

Bonus points: Leave a comment using only rhetorical questions.  Super bonus points if it’s extra snarky.

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4 Responses to “Trevor Hoffman: Everything we’ve ever done is exactly perfect”

  1. Dex says:

    Is Steve Garvey in the Hall of Fame yet? Isn’t a ridiculously good fielding percentage enough to show that Garvey was the best defensive first baseman ever?

  2. I have bonus points, but why don’t I feel any different?

  3. Ray Lankford says:

    I’ve been trying to come up with something and I’ve got nothing.

    Question mark?

  4. Didi says:

    re: Garvey, his number 6 is retired by the Padres and also he broke a lot of Cubbies fans’ hearts. Isn’t that enough to get into the HoF?

    BTW, Jody Gerut have a couple of game winning hits in this series vs. the Snakes. His number should be retired when the Dodgers/Rockies move on to the playoff instead of the Dbax. Why don’t we bring back game-winning RBI as a stat? Why shouldn’t those count for something? Clutchiness? Is that even a word?

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