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To win or not to win

September 8th, 2008 by Ray

The Padres have found themselves in a win/lose situation. As of the writing of this article, the Padres are a half a game ahead of the Washington Nationals for the worst record in baseball. For a team coming off of an 89 win season that expected to be in the hunt, this is a tragedy. Mathematics has already taken care of the playoffs, so the team is stuck in baseball limbo. They have nothing left to play for but pride.

But they do have something to lose for.

The question has become: should the Padres pack it in and try for the worst record in baseball? It’s all but guaranteed that the Padres will have a top 5 pick, and they’ll likely be in the top 3. But they have a chance to drop to number one and there seems to be a bonafide number one pick.

With a 23 strike out game already in his rear view mirror, Stephen Strasburg was the only college player on the U.S.A. Baseball team at this year’s Olympics. Coming out of San Diego State, Strasburg posted a 1.64 E.R.A. in Beijing and left with a bronze medal. On the Padres, he could give the team a rare 1-2-3 punch with Peavy and Young.

And yet, in the immortal word of another Aztec, Herm Edwards, you play. to win. the game. In order to win the sweepstakes for the number one pick, the team is going to have lose more than any other team. And this would run in stark contrast to the reason most players take the field.

What is more important for the Padres going forward?

(Hamlet once asked whether it is better to continue on, suffering the highs and lows of life, or to just quit. While there is no certainty in living, there is less certainty in death. Of course, Hamlet chooses to continue, only to die anyway after causing the death of everyone he loves, which may be all that needs to be said about the Padres.)

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3 Responses to “To win or not to win”

  1. An important consideration is the steep dropoff of talent after Strasburg in the draft. A better consolation prize in the Strasburg Sweepstakes would really change the dynamic, but we have no such luck.

    Also, where’s the Latos love?

  2. Ray Lankford says:

    Something tells me that Strasburg will be in the majors before Latos.

  3. Randy Ready says:

    They could play. to win. the game. with the kids. If they happen to lose games in the process, so be it. Plus, getting a better look at the future of the team will only help the front office prepare for next season and beyond (for whatever that’s worth).

    Besides it’s not like their .375 win percentage in September is a far cry from the .389 they were posting prior to that.

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