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December 7th, 2007 by Melvin

Padres Set To Bring Back Bradley (

The $4 million includes a discount for stepping on Mikey C’s foot.

Bradley suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee in the final week of the regular season after a much-publicized run-in with umpire Mike Winters, though Kevin Towers has been told by Bradley’s agent that he will be ready on or near Opening Day, though May 1 may be a more realistic date.

Quite the little fireball of a sentence here, what caught my eye was the section in italics (mine). Since there was no quote, who suspects him back on May first, Towers or writer Corey Brock?

Not so fast says Tom Krasovic via agent Sam Levinson in a UT update:

“We do not have an agreement with the San Diego Padres,” said Bradley’s agent, Sam Levinson, this afternoon.

Levinson said he doubts a deal will get done today, but that the Padres are “high on Milton’s list.”

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you know what he’s capable of. Humor me though, and read this: Bradley’s Runs Created / 27 last year was 8.24. He barely missed the qualifying mark at 244 PAs, but had he made 250, to his north would sit Hanley Ramirez with Ryan Howard just below.

Also if you’re visiting The Sac Bunt, you probably have an opinion on both his injury history and, shall we say his “energy”.

When it comes to injuries, there always seems to be action behind the scenes that changes the landscape, though we tend to ignore that and develop our own conclusions. I’m going to cop out and not even share an opinion, considering there isn’t much I could say that is any more than a guess. His agent says he lost 15 pounds. Sounds good to me, lets get going and see what happens.

What I will say is that I would love even 350 Milton Bradley Brand PAs for my $4 million. With extra stare downs please. Speaking of which, why is it that most Padres articles from those who actually speak to the guy defend him?

And if you need even one more reason to like the deal, here it is. Nobody knows who UT writer Alan Droz is, suffice it to say his stuff has been a goldmine for unintended comedy:

So the Padres grab another marginal-type player on the cheap and hope he’s an upgrade. Bradley is a switch-hitter, but that’s not a big boost; so is Jose Cruz Jr. (right now one of the Padres’ three best outfielders). Because switch-hitters will bat left-handed most of the time, Petco Park negates that power.

More laughs to come, baby.

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