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Update on Greg Maddux: The Season Savior

September 21st, 2008 by Melvin

In exchange for Greg Maddux, the Padres will receive two as of yet unnamed players, likely prospects, also likely from the Dodgers’ 40 man roster.

Some argue in favor of keeping Maddux, they contend that watching him pitch for a team guaranteed not to make the playoffs would be worth more than the players to be received. Again admitting that evaluating a trade which we only know half of the players involved is kinda dumb regardless of your support for it, lets take a look at Maddux’s performance we missed out on since making the trade:

Greg Maddux (LA)
34.7 77 4.11

Nope, still convinced the deal was a good one.

Even if he lit the world on fire in LA, I still probably wouldn’t be convinced. Obviously from looking at the data above isn’t a situation we need to worry about. Rumor has it Maddux might not even make his club’s playoff roster. (h/t MLBtraderumors)

In case you’re wondering, ERA+ is park and league adjusted ERA where 100 is average and less is below average. FIP, or Fielding Independent Pitching, scales strikeouts, walks, and groundball percentage to look like ERA.

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