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My Girlfriend Had Thoughts

December 13th, 2007 by Melvin

…so you know something big happened.

The Mitchell Report is out. Names were named. Insanely long .pdfs were skimmed over. Some “I told you so”s were I told you so’ed.  Everyone has an opinion. The perennial dark cloud saw some light.Perhaps unexpectedly, Ray and I saw more clouds part today than storm up.

If it is to be believed that the big names on the list are it–then baseball appears to have successfully moved on. We now enjoy players like Albert Pujols and Alex Rodriguez represent the continued success of our major past time. The current crop of superstars are leading the charge past the steroids era.

I have more faith in baseball after this report than I did after the Extra Innings catastrophe. At least then, the league was active rather than passive in screwing the fans. But some how, Major League Baseball has built a bridge to the next generation of the game. I’m ready baby. Ready like a fox.
PS Holy hell what’s with this style, I sound like a newspaper columnist

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One Response to “My Girlfriend Had Thoughts”

  1. Jazz Queen says:

    So, Melvin, what did your girlfriend say?????!!!!!

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