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A Whole Year of Swear Words and Simpsons References

October 8th, 2008 by Melvin

Depending on whether you count the test post or the first actual post, either yesterday or today is the first birthday of The Sacrifice Bunt (known in some circles as your favorite thinly veiled attempt at pushing opinions on others in the name of journalism since Sicko). Take that, I’m topical bitches!

The biggest observation from my time working on this project is how my motivations change with the growth of the site. When Ray and I first started, and I don’t mean to speak for him here, I just want to include his name when I talk about starting the blog, we wanted a place to record and share our thoughts about the Padres and baseball.

I had other goals as well, but they weren’t as grandiose as you might imagine. I wanted to learn how to build a website, and practice writing. Opinions vary as to my success in those endeavors.

We also wanted to provide a place to talk about the Padres in an amusing, entertaining environment. And at the same time, try to be responsible with our use of evidence to support opinions, and in the tradition of the sabermetrics movement, to question the reasoning behind our own beliefs and work to eliminate our own biases. It’s rare to see such a balance, and I’m truly am proud of The Sacrifice Bunt’s efforts to meet those goals.

It’s funny what happened to me while writing content and building this reputation in such a plublic and permanent medium. I look back and think about all the work that has gone into making “The Sacrifice Bunt” and “Melvin Nieves” into names people know. Meeting expectations, upholding reputations, and keeping people wanting to hear from these names is now almost an end to itself. I never expected that.

We created something out of nothing. You hear those words a lot, but having lived through them I can say it’s a crazy feeling. From nothing not to just something, but to something of value. It really does feel weird, but I’m getting esoteric so it’s time to move on.

I hope you have smiled a time or two reading The Sac Bunt as often as we have while writing it. I hope you appreciate that not including this long winded and personal post, we’ve tried to keep the boring crap out and provide what you are here for: The reason you come to a site about Padres baseball is to read content about Padres baseball, and that’s what we do.

An especially big thanks goes out to those who have taken the time to leave a comment or send an email. You won’t believe how encouraging just leaving a few words can be, even if only to say “I’m here, I’m reading, and I think you’re just a little funny”. So thank you.

We will continue to bring our trademark blend of crap throughout the offseason, so stay tuned. Hopefully we’ll get the Padres 101 series back to life (the only reason I’m saying this is to back myself into a corner about it). We have some other ideas planned too, so don’t go nowheres.

Maybe sometime we’ll post of photo or two of ourselves. You all should be so lucky.


R. Edit: Ditto.

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3 Responses to “A Whole Year of Swear Words and Simpsons References”

  1. Geoff Young says:

    We’ve talked about this before, but your reasons for starting Sacrifice Bunt are almost identical to my reasons for starting Ducksnorts. Even though I don’t comment that much, I always enjoy my time here and I’m glad to know that you’ve still got the passion for it. This stuff is harder than it looks. Anyway, congrats to you and Ray on the anniversary; I look forward to more bloggy goodness… and, of course, the photos of yourselves. ;-)

  2. wrveres says:

    “I’m here, I’m reading, and I think you’re just a little funny”

    happy anniversary

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