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January 12th, 2008 by Melvin

Best Outfield Arms Of 2007 (Hardball times)

I found this link and tucked it away for a future Sacrificial Links session, thinking it was a great find and people would appreciate the information. Then Ducksnorts and Friarforecast picked it up, probably some others too, and I look like the lame follower instead of the cool indie trend setter I deserve to be. Good read either way.

How To Evaluate Hitters (Hardball Times)

Intuitive, simple evaluation method in case VORP or RC27 aren’t your thing. Dave Studeman compares Tony Gwynn, Andre Dawson, and Tim Raines with some eye opening results. Studeman does admit that era, ballpark, and the different values of outs are important considerations his analysis did not account for.

Planning Ahead Will Save You Money (Union Tribune)

Prices are going up, but if you buy before the end of March the 2007 ticket prices will apply. Otherwise they’re going up, with day of game prices up even more. The team also announced a pre-game buffet for $39 dollar top of western metal tickets, and $20 of “concessions and/or merchandise” included with $45 right field pavilion seats. When Ray and I started this blog, I never envisioned needing to think up jokes to go along with news like this. Oh well.

The Concept of Clutch (Baseball Prospectus)

Here is your Sacrificial Link “classic”, a 2004 article from Joe Sheehan of Baseball Prospectus. No numbers, just a theoretical discussion on the merits of the concept of clutch.

Of course, these statistical arguments assume both numeracy and a quest for the truth. Too often, neither of these things is in play. The notion of clutch persists because it allows for a storyline with a hero and a goat, and that’s both an easy tale to write and an easy one to read.

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