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Peavy’s Priorities

October 31st, 2008 by Melvin
Jake Peavy Delivers

Photo by Jim Epler

I don’t think Jake Peavy knows what he wants.

Here are his comments that kicked off this whole song and dance, as reported by the North County Times more than a month ago:

“I want to be here, but I want to be here with a chance to win a World Series,” Peavy said. “If someone says, ‘Hey, we’re going to rebuild, that’s not going to be our top priority’ you certainly would wonder what your other options are.”

There’s no way of knowing if the front office considered trading Jake before this, though my guess is they had. But once Jake made that statement the team called his bluff and announced the Padre ace may be available in a trade. Since Peavy controls his own destiny with a no-trade clause, he and his agent Barry Axelrod have been vocal about his desire of various things since then:

  • Stay in San Diego
  • Play for a team that isn’t rebuilding
  • Pitch in the National League
  • Play for the Dodgers, Astros, Braves, Cubs, Cardinals
  • Gain complete no trade powers (His no trade powers decrease in 2011 and 2012)
  • Make more money than his current contract provides

Some of these priorities are mutually exclusive, which makes me wonder about their order of importance. For instance, Jake says he wants to stay in San Diego but not necessarily if the team rebuilding. Jake must not be familiar with Pythagorean record, which uses runs scored and runs allowed to come up with a better model for wins and losses.

Because Houston’s expected record puts them at 77 wins and 84 losses this year. In other words, we would be more likely to see 77 wins from Houston than 86 wins if they play the season over. Yet Jake may prefer pitching for the Astros if the Padres dare play Venable and Headley next year.

Does he really expect the team to make a deal with so many restrictions? What the a;ldjfoisdf is going on here? It’s so hard to tell. I think Jake’s comments quoted above were just an emotional outburst to a losing season. Considering Peavy’s propensity to wear his heart on his sleeve, that scenario makes sense.

So if Jake really does want to stay, that makes it even harder on my emotions to admit the right deal* for him would be good for the team.

*Nothing less than one of Tommy Hanson or Jason Heyward in package form from Atlanta, for instance.

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4 Responses to “Peavy’s Priorities”

  1. R. Lankford says:

    “Jake must not be familiar with Pythagorean record”

    What an outrageous thing to say!

  2. Let me start by saying I would rather see the Padres KEEP Peavy, sign Hoffman, sign a top notch pitcher like Lowe or Burnett or both, trade for Uggla, sign some good arms for the bullpen, and make a run at the World Series in 2009 with a Budget of around $100 million.

    That is probably not going to happen.


    Is it possible that the Padres may actually be MORE competitive without Peavy?

    Its certainly a possibility.

    A blockbuster trade like the one that brought Harens to the Diamondbacks could make the Padres a younger AND stronger team in 2009.

    Its a very real possibility that Peavy goes to the Braves for Johnson, Jurrjens or Hanson(both of whom will more than likely start the 2009 season as a starter for either team), Schafer and 2-3 other top pitching prospects including either Cole Rohrbaugh or Kris Medlen.

    With that trade 3 positions are filled on the Padres immediately.

    The addition of a true 5 tool outfielder like Schafer who would undoubtedly be a starter on the Padres in 2009 would also give the Padres the ability to trade Kouzmanoff for additional starting pitching help and move Headley to 3B.

    It has been reported in the media that the Angels approached the Padres several times before and during the 2008 season about trading for Kouzmanoff. The Twins and White Sox are also in desperate need of a 3B. Could Kouzmanoff bring back a good young pitcher like Ervin Santana from the Angels or Francisco Liriano/Nick Blackburn from the Twins or Gavin Floyd/John Danks from the White Sox? Certainly a good chance they could get one of those back in trade for Kouzmanoff.

    Now look at a possible Padres roster after those two trades.

    1b – A Gonzales
    2b – Johnson
    SS – Greene (or ???)
    3B – Headley
    LF – Giles – his arm is more suited to LF
    CF – Schafer
    RF – Gerut
    C – Hundley

    OF – Hairston
    INF – Rodriguez
    INF – E Gonzalez
    C – Ausmus (or other cheap veteran catcher)
    OF – Venable

    Starting Rotation
    RHP – Young
    RHP – Jurrjens/ RHP – Hanson
    RHP – Santana/LHP – Liriano/RHP – Floyd
    RHP – Baek
    LHP – LeBlanc???/RHP – Inman???

    CL – Hoffman
    RH – Bell
    RH – Ekstrom
    RH – Patterson
    RH – Burke?/Reineke?/Banks?
    LH – Hampson
    LH – Estes/Prior/????????

    That is a roster that is a younger and that in my opinion even with the question marks is more talented team than we saw in 2008.

    Would it mean more wins?

    Well, just having Young keep his face out of the way of baseballs and pitching 30 – 31 games instead of 17 would mean 6-7 more wins at the teams 2008 win percentage in his starts.

    The Padres do lose double digit wins from Peavy, but gain two young studs that come much cheaper. Only Santana is even arbitration eligible.

    Those additions and the trade of Peavy and Kouzmanoff puts the Padres payroll at around $35 million, giving them room to sign Hoffman and several players to fill those Question marks.

    If Greene is included in the Peavy trade with Yunel Escobar coming back instead of Kelly Johnson, the Padres would have $6 million more off the payroll and 2B could be filled by Denker/Rodriguez/Gonzalez.

    Better yet, prospects (which the Padres would now have more of) could be packaged in a trade for Uggla.

    From everything I am reading, Uggla will probably earn $4-$6 million in arbitration this year, his first year of eligibility, but he will only be 29 for the 2009 season and he is one of only two true power hitting 2B. Only he, Chase Utley, and Brandon Phillips have hit 30 hrs at the position over the past 3 years.

    Now a lineup with both Escobar and Uggla would be younger, stronger and probably win a lot more games than the one we saw in 2008.

    Starters with Escobar and Uggla
    1b – A Gonzales
    2b – Uggla
    SS – Escobar
    3B – Headley
    LF – Giles – his arm is more suited to LF
    CF – Schafer
    RF – Gerut
    C – Hundley

    WOW! Alot of power and potential in that lineup.

    Add in the salaries of Uggla after aribtration and the Bench and Pitching I listed before and the Padres salaries are still are under $40 million.

    So that gives the Padres about $15 million to spend if they want to stay around $55 million, which is the amount they are reputed to have set their 2009 budget at, to sign Hoffman and players to fill in those question marks.

    That is just two scenarios in which the Padres can make themselves younger and more talented by trading Peavy.

  3. I’m very much behind the idea of trading Kouz. Headley is so much more valuable at third than in left.

    That could bring in yet more pitching, with room in left for Blanks or another bat.

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