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2-2 Sacrificial Links

February 2nd, 2008 by Melvin

Huntington: Other GMs Being Smart Makes It Suckier For Us Padres Fans (

One potential offseason scenario bantered about in our heads involves trading Khalil Greene with prospect for Jason Bay. This would improve our defense at shortstop, and fill out the outfield with a good hitter humanly capable of laying off an outside slider. Trade the overvalued, and sign / trade for the undervalued, right?

Quite frankly, we would be selling low in just about any trade we could possibly make and we’re not going to sell low,” Huntington said. “We need to build depth in this organization and the only way you can build that depth is to trade players when their value is high.

Damn. Have I mentioned that as a Padre fan, Neil Huntington scares the crap out of me? Guess we won’t be getting Snell to top the deal off.

Nobody broke the news to Jason Bay and others that doing things to look good isn’t the answer. This just in: other teams don’t give out talent for nothing. I mean, uh, Meredith for Bay!

2008 Padres: A Call To Arms (MLB Fleece Factor)

Nice little rundown of the state of the Padres. Tip of the old noodle to GaslampBall.

Padres Near $11 million dollar two year deal with Greene (Yahoo / Associated Press)

The Padres don’t like going to arbitration, so this avoids the process for Greene’s remaining eligible years. I enjoy this gem from writer Bernie Wilson:

Retaining Greene is important since he’s one of the Padres’ few homegrown talents.

Ok. Guess we missed the boat releasing Jack Cassel, he was homegrown too.

Baseball Prospectus, ESPN, and release top prospects list (Kevin Goldstein, Keith Law, and Nobody, respectively)

Baseball Prospectus lists Headley (23), Antonelli (39), and Latos (61). You’ll need a subscription to read it.

ESPN says Headley (43), Blanks (68), and Antonelli (93) are the team’s top farm hands. You’ll need an insider membership to read it. Don’t get one. puts Antonelli (27) and Headley (29) as the best in our farm, out of only 50. It’s free since no writer will take credit.

We’ve seen other lists tell similar tales. Headley and Antonelli are studs and likely to become productive major leaguers, but probably not superstars. First baseman Kyle Blanks and pitcher Mat Latos are younger and riskier, but have higher ceilings.

We’re playing around with polls. Enjoy!

The great showdown: who is your preferred Padres President / CEO?

  • Jeff Moorad (63%, 10 Votes)
  • Sandy Alderson (37%, 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 16

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